A little loud yes. A little dorky maybe. Heavy – NO! This sucker weighs on the underside of 7 ounces and is packed with 850 fill down.

It’s going to be gold in camp when the sun goes down and temperatures dip towards freezing and might even save a sleepless night if my 30 degree sleeping bag gets outdone by the elements on occasion.

For daytime use, it will be a great insulating layer if we are doing some early morning glassing or setting a late evening ambush and aren’t working up heat by moving around a lot. For almost zero weight penalty and being the warmest single article of clothing I’m packing, this is a must-have.

We are all joking that we’re going to look like a bunch of leprechauns up on the mountain, but at least we’ll be warm! Check out Pete’s blog post on how you too can get your hands on this great piece of backcountry hunting gear.