Everyone’s backcountry pack differs a little bit, but one thing everyone has in common is that it includes a water filtration system. No faster way to ruin a trip than to ingest some unfriendly bacteria.

That might take the form of iodine tablets (gives bad taste to the water), a UV Steripen (if batteries croak or device dies, you’re screwed), pump style filter (lots of work and slow water purification), or any other number of filtration devices.

We’ve done a lot of research of what we were going to take and I noticed in a recent issue of Eastman’s Hunting Journal a review on the Sawyer squeeze filtration systems. That got us looking into the products they make and Pete came up with this ingenious design and since it is his idea, I’ll just direct you to his blog post. After you read it, you’ll be buying one – trust me!