The real question is are you going to waste your time with anything other than merino wool? If you are thinking about saving your pennies and going with polyester instead, be forewarned – you might die of stench inhalation! After getting a couple pairs each of merino wool Stoic boxer briefs and Core4Element boxer briefs, there is no going back.

I don’t want to be gross about things, but I have field tested these this summer wearing each brand for multiple days (as in 72 hours+) and they both repelled any build-up of odor. I can’t even say the same thing about your cotton boxers that you have been wearing since you stepped out of the shower this morning. And polyester material, well let’s just say I think somebody designed that material to hold the stink in…not pleasant.

For extended trips of backcountry hunting, there is no other option. They aren’t cheap, but at least you’ll be able to put up with yourself when you tuck yourself into your bivy at night.