Had a great trip on a local water body chasing bass out of the canoe early Friday morning. We started off hammering nice 1-3 pound shoal bass on stinger-hook adapted flukes and Senkos. I’m pleased to announce that several of my prototypes worked to perfection. In fact, my hook-up rate was 7 landed bass out of 9 bites. Of the 7 fish that I swung aboard the canoe, 5 came on the stinger treble hook. I was thrilled with that!

We both got blasted by some big striper bites but failed to hook-up before Pete connected on this 6 pounder throwing a white Zoom fluke. It made the trip back to Auburn and after a scaling/filleting operation was the star component of a couple gourmet grilled dinners at both our homes.

As awesome as the striped bass catch was the highlight came at the tail end of our float when Pete had this bucket-headed largemouth inhale a bait. It was his personal best public waters largemouth bass (it would have been mine too!) weighing just over 5 pounds.

I would just like to note that people should be at least semi-honest when advertising fish weights associated with a photograph. It would be easy to say he caught a 7 or 8 pounder and no one would question it with this photo. The last 2 sentences were free by the way…