A SE wind once again set the stage for the stand that I opened up the season hunting – a lock-on set in a fence row among CRP fields, skinny hedgerows, and pocketed with marshes and waterfowl impoundments.

The fog had me rather discouraged for the first 90 minutes of daylight as visibility was probably less than 75 yards. Not a big deal when I am hunting in the timber, but in wide open CRP fields where 500 yards is the norm, it was frustrating. Finally, around 8:45 the fog lifted and there smack dab in the middle of the field were 3 bucks feeding together. November 2, feeding together…perhaps stranger than the fog itself.

Regardless, I determined that one of the bucks was worth a closer look so I used the grunt tube to entice one of the bucks in my direction. The only problem was that the one I was interested in wasn’t interested in me. His younger buddy was though and a yearling basket rack slipped under the stand as I kept glassing the larger buck and his comrade.

Eventually the fog settled in one last time before finally burning off. When the fog completely disappeared, all the deer were gone (or so I thought). An hour later I looked up to see a BIG buck heading north to south at a pretty quick pace, definitely not cruising – perhaps spooked by a fellow public land hunter? Regardless, he was a heavy heavy antlered 9, maybe 10 point…easy 140 class buck. He wouldn’t respond to a quick set of grunts.

As soon as he passed through the field, the other bucks that I thought had left, stood up out of their beds and began to mill around once more. Eventually a doe and fawn fed into the field eventually bedding in the thick cover. Overall, a great morning with 4 different bucks spotted, but nobody wanted to play other than the one young buck. It’s still early and I remain encouraged to be on top of good numbers of bucks.

After getting down, I drove to another area and did some quick scouting and found some great buck sign.

I was able to check a camera too and found some bucks worth shooting plus the ever-present competition of other hunters scouting the woods.