My freezer is packed full with 3 Ohio deer, 1 North Carolina deer, and a speedgoat from the Cowboy State. To make sure I have another stocked freezer at the end of next season, this is the time of year that I re-evaluate my hunting strategies, re-examine aerial and topo maps, and put boots on the ground to see where the deer have been surviving the last 2-3 months of hunting pressure. With my tags already filled, I got started on this process before Ohio’s last firearms season had even come in (muzzleloader from January 7-10). This enables me to glean intel on exactly how and where deer are currently avoiding the heavy pressure of Ohio’s hunters. Invaluable, invaluable information.

On my very first hike, I was able to locate this solo apple tree in a thicket…

where this signpost rub is on a connecting old fencerow leading to…

this old grassy brushy field where I now have one of my DIY wooden lock-on stands hanging.

Afterwards, I headed another direction and explored a natural funnel that feeds into a thicket with lots of late season Japanese honeysuckle browse and some oak trees.

Deer like it there…alot!

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