“When you let yourself touch the pain and sorrow of live animals and trees as they become food and wood for humans, participating in that great mystery of recombination in which life dies only to bring forth new life. . .when you put your hands up to the elbows into the womb of nature through fishing, farming, hunting, logging, and tenderly caress the place from where life springs, lamenting as well when it departs its current shape. . .then truly is it difficult to reduce the world neatly into the quick and the dead, the knowing and the unconscious.”
-Ted Kerasote in his essay “Logging”

While I might not agree with every single nuance and implication of Ted’s statement, I do immensely enjoy reading his short works on environmental issues. In that he has achieved a pretty darn good sense of balance between use and preservation of the earth’s natural resources, he is certainly one of the good guys. As someone who actively participates in the cycle of life, I can personally attest that personal engagement does something to you, something positive, something that can’t be replicated in any other way.