You’ve seen the general philosophy expressed many times if you’re a long time Smorgasbord reader. Synthetic golf pants in lieu of Kuiu or Sitka “mountain gear”, Salomon boots instead of Crispis or Lowa boots, discount backpacker’s puffy instead of a high dollar option, solid color earth tones instead of the up-charged marketplace camouflage patterns, the list goes on.

SWFA (SouthWestern Firearms, Inc.) provides an economical route to equipping your rifle with a quality set of optics with a full range of features. I settled on the 3-15×42 model that runs in the mid $600s price range. My dad was put on to SWFA scopes by a former military guy who has high praise for their rugged build and dependability, quality glass, and full spec features list. Boy am I glad he did! I was fortunate to grab up the scope with covers and sunshade extender, shipped to my door for $457! Leading up to that purchase and afterwards, I have struggled to find anything comparable with a price tag less than $750-$800 and that’s being conservative.

I still have not made it to the range yet, but I’m moving closer to that part of the process. Looking forward to seeing what the x-Bolt set-up will do and will update when I find out.