Checking a Draw Results link is a little like opening a Christmas present. Unfortunately with low draw odds frequently facing the hopeful hunter, it’s all too common to find a lump of coal. Dad and I rolled the dice on the Special Random pool for the unit we hunted last year but were both unsuccessful. Good news is that we included the preference point option, so we’re both back in the PP-banking business for Wyoming speedgoats again. Absolutely cannot wait to get back in Wyoming with a pronghorn tag in my pocket!

Unit 75 – a unit that I looked hard into for our 2016 hunt – got the unenviable blessing from Eastman’s Hunting as a “blue chip” option and also landed on their “Top 5 Units for Antelope” in 2017. I will be curious to see if there is a corresponding bump for tag demand in that unit with accelerated point creep.

We will both add deer points a bit later this summer, I’ll add another elk point for WY and that will wrap up the 2017 Western tag application season.