This is a new feature I’m deciding to run on The Outdoor Smorgasbord. There are literally hundreds of thousands of outdoor-related videos floating around on the Internet – hunting, fishing, trapping, bow fishing, etc., etc. My plan is to place a video every day or two on this site and keep the most recent 5 or 10 up before pushing them away in favor of some new videos. That being said, you need to slide over from the main site and check this page every couple days to make sure you don’t miss any videos. I hope you enjoy!

Not much of a blood trail on this watering elk. Wow!

Great bow hunt around a wallow. Wow, what a bull! You are probably going to get a steady dose of archery elk videos from now til September by the way.

Another, even closer!!!, elk encounter.

Ummm…wow! Primos has a great elk hunt that is similar to this on one of their ‘Truth’ videos.

Great video of some guys doing it the “Barta Way” – or as it will forever be known from September 2012 on – the Acker, Granger, Karns, McCoy Way…this video got my blood boiling!

Some of you may have already seen this, but there is nothing as exciting as having game come to a call at close range…REALLY CLOSE RANGE! Check out this javelina hunt.

Infolinks 2013