If you are going  to climb up a tree and bowhunt, then you should think of your family and yourself and make sure you are wearing a Safety Harness.  If had to guess at the age group of hunters who are most likely to have a tree stand injury it would be young hunters between 15 and 34.  This age group is more likely to suffer serious injuries in tree stand-related accidents, according to researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (BAU) Center for Injury Sciences.

The study, presented online in the Journal of TRAUMA® Injury, Infection and Critical Care, says men are twice as likely as women to be injured, and younger hunters more likely than older ones. Hunters aged between 15-24 had injury rates of 55.7 per 100,000, and those aged 25-34 averaged 61 injuries per 100,000. Hunters over 65 had injury rates of only 22.4 per 100,000.

“The elevated injury rate among younger hunters is significant, says Gerald McGwin, Jr. MS, Ph.D, senior investigator on the study, “because debilitating injuries in younger people are far more devastating than for older individuals because of the potential long-term effects that create both physical and financial hardships for patients and their families.”

Using data drawn from the 2000-07 National Electronic Injury Surveillance System established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the UAB researchers report that the number of Americans hunting has remained stable over the past decade, with 12.5 million people engaging in hunting in 2006. There were an estimated 46,860 injuries related to tree stand use between 2000 and 2007.

The point is wear a Harness but what we did is look at many of the safety harnesses on the market and found the 2010 Muddy Safety Harness to be a great harness.  No matter what Harness you use, just use one.  Again, we owe it to our families and ourselves to be as safe as we can in the woods.  If you are looking for a Safety Harness that is light weight, provides full body support, low profile but dose not compromise safety.  Then you need to check out these Muddy Harnesses.


– Only 1.9 lbs. (less than 1/2 or 1/3 of the weight of many other safety harnesses on the market)
– Low Profile
– Chest Strap
– Full Body Support
– 1,500 lb. leg straps  (can withstand a great deal of weight and pressure in the event you do fall)

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Watch these product review videos we do on the Muddy Outdoor Stands and Climbing Sticks