Frozen Fall 1

When conditions are right, which means a fair amount of rain in the Fall followed by a good early cold snap, Minnehaha Falls becomes a solid sheet of ice, a waterfall trapped into seeming stillness. That’s exactly what we’ve had this year, and locals in the know will make a trip to Minnehaha Park just to look at what has become the largest icicle in Minneapolis.

One of the other sights in the park on the way to the falls is the John Harrington Stevens House, the first house in Minneapolis west of the Mississippi, built in 1850. The house is now a museum, and here it is all decked out for Christmas:

John Harrington Stevens House

It’s not far from the house to the falls. The stairs leading to the falls are marked “closed for winter”, but it was pretty obvious I wasn’t the only one who had ducked under the chain in order to get a better look:

Frozen Falls 2

Frozen Falls 3

That ice isn’t all as thick as it looks, though. Standing there, I could hear water running under the ice, and looking down the creek you can see patches of open water.

Frozen Minnehaha Creek

If you’d like to compare this to how the falls looks in Summer, click here.