Maine’s biggest Fly Fishing party of the year!
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Come join us at what has become Maine’s biggest Fly Fishing party of the year!

The Fly Fishing Film Tour (aka F3T) is returning…and bigger and better than ever! FFIM is very proud to bring this tour back to Maine in our 6th year of hosting at the Frontier Cafe and Cinema in Brunswick this coming weekend, on 3/6 and 3/7. We will have 4 screenings this year (5pm and 8pm each day), and we’ve sold out all screenings in each of the past 5 years.

And as if that wasn’t enough — the Brunswick screenings on Saturday will be preceded by the 2nd annual “Iron Fly” competition. This fly tying contest, brought to you by Maine River Guides, is not to be missed! Tyers will create a fly limited only by their imagination utilizing only ten materials given at the beginning of the event. Participants will have 30 minutes to create and deliver their creation to the finish line (judges booth) in the allotted time given. Tyers are required to register in advance for $20 by contacting Greg Bostater of Maine River Guides at or 207-749-1593.

Advance purchase of tickets to the Film Tour is strongly recommended.

For tickets to the Brunswick screenings, please visit:

Tight lines, and see you at the Tour!

Rocky Patel Nicaraguan Review
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Rocky Patel Nicaraguan Review

© 2015 Brent Reece



I am here as a non-repentant Cigar fan that quit cigarettes back in 1999. I was a devoted smoker of all things from about 1976 to 1999. As I got older I sought out pipe smoking and cigars for the gourmetish consumption of tobacco. I truly value the smell and texture of tobacco. It is a spiritual thing for me. Native Americans believe God gave us tobacco so our thoughts could reach the heavens on the whisps of smoke from the peace pipe!


All I know is when I light up a good cigar I can relate it to a meal or an occasion. Just like a fine wine suits certain food. A good cigar must also mate up to a meal and after a meal it is the best dessert.


For me The Rocky Patel is a PorterHouse kind of Cigar. Full smooth flavor and a great smokey draw. The size suits the steakhouse feel and is a beefy but clean smoke. Each mouthfull is not only palatable but has definite steak like texture. You will never feel you should have had the chicken. 



One reviewer wrote:


Rocky Patel Nicaraguan cigars are just what the big cigar smoker craves. Not one of these cigars dwindles under 6 inches long nor do they offer anything smaller than a 52 ring gauge. That means more tobacco, more flavor, and more smoke time, yet it still offers a comfortable mouth feel. With each draw, you’ll be met with premium tobaccos encased in a spicy yet creamy Habano wrapper. This is sure to be your new every day stogie.




What the Distributor says:


Product Description

Rocky Patel Nicaraguan cigars are just what the big cigar smoker craves. Not one of these cigars dwindles under 6 inches long nor do they offer anything smaller than a 52 ring gauge. That means more tobacco, more flavor, and more smoke time, yet it still offers a comfortable mouth feel. With each draw, you’ll be met with premium longfiller tobaccos encased in a spicy yet creamy Habano wrapper. Perfectly balanced and perfectly priced.
Strength: Full

Size: 6 x 52

Country of Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper Color: Natural

Wrapper Origin: Nicaraguan

Wrapper Leaf Type: Habano
Price: $6.50 per cigar


These cigars Proudly distributed by:


Romeo y Julieta Cigars

Purchase Your next Rocky Patel Cigar Online Here



Write Your Lawmakers and BATFE
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Write Your Lawmakers and BATFE

BATFE is proposing to ban common rifle ammunition used by millions of gun owners. If their proposal is approved, it will result in a ban on the sale of commonly sold rifle ammunition used by gun owners for hunting, target shooting and self-defense. Write the BATFE and your members of Congress and express your opposition to this proposal. You may call your members of Congress at 202-224-3121.


Simplybeautiful Basic 100% Faux Badger Shaving Brush – Black Handle Review
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Simplybeautiful Basic 100% Faux Badger Shaving Brush – Black Handle Review
©2015 Brent Reece

In one of the strangest incidents of my blogging career, I recently received a package I had long thought missing and gone. Inside this battered and abused little box was a shaving brush I had signed up to review. Seems the package had been shipped at some point but it’s shipment had never been confirmed by Tomoson. The company that helps me locate interesting products to review for my readers.

Since shipment was not confirmed I had no obligation after that point and did not or could not right a review on the product! Then suddenly it arrived!

So here is my much-delayed review of this great little brush:

Simplybeautiful Basic 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush – Black Handle

Now I have been shaving since about 1975/76 and have used straight razors/safety razors..and assorted other blades and electric razors. Remingtons and Norelco, Brauns and regressed back to bic disposables from time to time.

As I get older I want comfort and simplicity above all else. There is nothing that beats the closeness and sheer joy of a regular bladed shave. You don’t need 16 blades and lube strips. A good old Gillette double edge razor from 1950/60 is about as good as it gets. Now I will admit that straight razor is excellent as well. But I have a shakier hand than I would like and that makes it a little unsafe for me.

What you need to get that feeling is a good shave cream. Nothing on this planet will do better than standard Barbisol applied with a brush to work it into the hairs and butter the skin against irritation. I spray a fair dallup into my mug and really work the lather up and onto my shaveable areas. I wear a partial beard and moustache. But in the past I have stripped it down to just the lip whiskers. Having tender skin from long wearing of beards and gote’s I insist on a good lathering to insure ZERO irritation.

Having been taught by previous generations of beardless men that a good clean shave and proper shaving are keys to success. I take it all rather seriously.

This Simplybeautiful brush does the job to absolute perfection. The balance and heft of the brush makes it easy to navigate around the face. The cone of the bristles work the lather into the hairs perfectly. Then it rinses out completely and cleanly. The stubby handle is ideal for the chore and I would change nothing about it.

The folks at KIWI BAZAAR have a great item here and I hope to see more from them in the future.

What Kiwi stated about the product:

Product Description
Simplybeautiful Basic 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush – black Handle

At SimplyBeautiful, we care about the shaving products we build. We choose each and every product carefully and after inspecting numerous options. This Brushe generate a rich and warm lather, soften and lift the beard, open pores, bring sufficient water to the skin and gently exfoliate.

The MeasuPro Digital Cooking Thermometer Review
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The MeasuPro Digital Cooking Thermometer Review

© 2015 Brent Reece



As an avid hunter and angler I kill a lot of fresh food and do a lot of cooking. Roasting and Broiling are geat ways to cook meat and fish. I also do a lot on the grill. The key to great grilling and broiling is temperature.


This Digital wonder takes all the guess work out of it and insures you are cooking great food and safe meals for family and friends.




The design allows you to place the probe in the meat or fish and cook until the internal temp is just right for safe and well-cooked food. It is designed to work in most all ovens do to the small diameter of the probe lead. So if your oven does not have the probe accessory those higher end stoves do you have it here. Plus it works great with BBQ grills and other types of cookers. Toaster ovens have mystery temps. Now you can cook more precisely.



 Below is some more info from the company:

Product Description:

The MeasuPro Digital Cooking thermometer will imbue you with the utmost confidence to create the perfect dishes. It is designed to make food preparations simple. Peeking into the oven to check the doneness of the food you are cooking or baking is inconvenient and causes the oven temperature to lower drastically. With the MeasuPro Digital Cooking Thermometer there is no need for that. You can set the thermometer to the temperature of your choice. Stick the long 36 inch probe into the center of the food and close the oven door. The thermometer will beep once the food hits your desired temperature. Its built in timer is a great feature while you are working in the kitchen. The thermometer probe’s cable diameter is small enough to allow it to be closed in an oven door without creating a heat leak. It has and extra wide measuring range of 32°F to 392°F. MeasuPro is intent on reducing worries… and flopped dinners!

Where to buy: