Discover Card Supporting the Anti-hunting Agenda Of HSUS!
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From My Inbox!!!

(c) 2015 Brent Reece


Just got this yesterday…….have to share it with you!

Will Coggin from sent this to me…….and needs our support!

Here it is:

Jan 20 at 9:55 AM

Dear Brent:


I’m the editor of and I saw that you previously have written about Muck Boots potentially giving money to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). I wanted to bring your attention to a campaign that we are ramping up against Discover. Discover has a credit card program benefitting HSUS and it is expected that HSUS will get $1 million from this arrangement.


We have set up the website and are encouraging people to email Kevin O’Donnell, a VP at Discover. We are also asking that people post on Discover’s Facebook wall.


We need all the help we can get in showing Discover that they shouldn’t support HSUS. Would you be willing to bring this campaign to the attention of your readers?






Will Coggin

Director of Research

Center for Consumer Freedom




Thanks Will! Spread the word and go to Discover’s FB page and tell them What you think about this!

- Brent


Hunter and Archery Courses In Caribou Maine!
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Got a course coming up in Maine?  Send me a link or a picture like this and I will put the word out!


Great time to take the courses!



New Year …New Beginnings
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#4 Buck stops ‘em just fine!!


As it is every January we the hunters of Maine are out in the cold and snow looking to whack as many of these Deer Killers as we can. If you think coyotes are a benign canid that belongs here then you still must believe in the Easter bunny. These wolfish hybrids we have are a menace to man and beast. All dogs can trace ancestry to the wolf. The difference here is that the genetics of our coyotes shows the wolf is a very recent ancestor.  A grandparent or great grandparent type closeness. It may have been as far back as thirty generations at the rate of a new generation per year. But definitely not prehistoric or pre-pilgrim. Truly a development of the last 50 years!


These coy/dog/wolves are an invasive species that must be eradicated if our deer are ever to have a chance to rebound. So if you are a hunter and you love deer than you need to be out and shooting coyotes each winter to protect the deer as we do here. If you need help getting into it feel free to comment here and I will do my best to assist you in any way with getting the right gear and knowledge to succeed.


Good Hunting!


- Brent Reece


Copper Fit Knee Sleeve Review
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Copper Fit Knee Sleeve Review
©2014 Brent Reece

Another great product from the catalog of great gifts and items.

I was recently disabled by a knee injury that left me out of work and incapacitated. As I recovered from the sprain and torn ligaments I wore this Copper Fit sleeve and it drastically reduced my pain and helped it heal by supporting the knee with great compression. The idea of a copper infused pressure sleeve may leave a few scratching their head. But it is proven fact that copper infused clothing reduces pain and inflammation.

There are other copper products out there that will cost you more. But nobody can touch this products price vs. results. Not only an effective product for the workingman, but a great one for aging folks who have knee and other issues. Or for active folks with painful joints and back or leg issues.

Below is some additional information from Dr. Leonard Products on the specifics of the Copper Fit Sleeve.

Product Description
Relieve muscle stiffness, soreness and pain with Copper Fit™ elbow and knee sleeves. Infused with the highest quality copper, this lightweight antimicrobial performance fabric provides comfortable compression for support and extended wear. Helps improve circulation, prevents strain and speeds healing. Polyester/spandex/copper. Machine wash and dry. Imported. For elbow measure around bicep; for knee measure around thigh.

One pack of Copper Fit Sport Socks contains 2 pairs, one pair of black socks and one pair of white socks.

Available in sizes:
· Elbow: MED (10 1/2″-12″), LG (12 1/2″-14″) and XL (14 1/2″-16″)
Knee: MED (15 1/2″-17″), LG (17 1/2″-19″) and XL (19 1/2″-21″)
Socks: SMD ((Men’s (5-9), Women’s (6-10)) and LG ((Men’s (9-12), Women’s (10-13))

Clobber it with COPPER FIT™!
- Brent Reece
My original Slogan……available for licensing!

Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale Review
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Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale Review

©2015 Brent Reece

Every once in a while a cool item comes along that changes how you do things in your life. This slick little scale is one of those very useful and cool gadgets that did just that for me.

It is indispensable when mailing stuff out for Ebay. I know before I get to the post office what each package is costing me to ship and can buy postage right through Ebay if you have an accurate scale. If you have an inaccurate one then you are going to have issue with postage. Charging the correct postage is essential in making money on Ebay. Know before you list what it will cost and charge the right amount. Then take it to USPS with confidence that you had it right.

It is also an excellent scale for those of us who reload. I have traditionally used a preset powder measure and checked the accuracy using a standard mechanical scale. Now I can validate the charges in a second for each load as I am loading, ensuring that all my ammo is safe and accurate. Dropping charges directly into pre-weighed cases saves me time and this great scale is very accurate. The Tare feature allows me to reuse a container to hold the powder for weighing to ensue I am weighing just the powder charge each time. It can even keep count of what is weighed. Not sure how many powder charges you ran? The PCS function will tell you how many!

***** A 5 Star Scale in My Book

– Brent Reece

Here’s more details from the company themselves!

Product Description
The ideal on-the-go pocket scale

The Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale can perform a wide variety of functions. You can use it to weigh any food, gemstones, coins, jewelry, gold, or silver. It can also double up as a postal scale for your mailing and postage needs. Weigh any letter, envelope, or object weighing up to 2000 grams.

Includes many useful functions

The tare function will subtract the weight of any box or container to calculate the weight of the product itself. The unique hold feature will lock the weight reading. The PCS function will count the pieces you are weighing.

Perfect tool for portion control

The scale is compact, lightweight and portable so you can maintain your weight even when you are on the go. It will provide you with accurate measurements on the food you are weighing.

Where to buy:

A truly great item for all of us…no matter how you use it!
- Brent Reece