His and Hers Rings Review: Camo Jewelry
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Camo Ring Reviews
(c) 2015 Brent Reece


Men’s 8mm Green Hunting Camo Ring, Camo Wedding Band with Beveled Edge, Comfort Fit Outdoor Ring, Size 14
Offered by SureFire Designs

Well built and comfortable on my finger from minute 1!!

Was looking for a new ring to replace my fathers that I wore for over 30 years after his death in 1980. Had to have it cut off when it became too tight, or lose my finger. This was the coolest looking replacement I found. Sure glad I chose it! Dad’s ring was a stainless steel ring with a flat face that he never had engraved. I left that way…

I have wore this ring everyday since it arrived. I am certain if my dad had seen a ring like this he would have bought it on sight. Will advise that the size is critical to comfort and wearability. Have your ring size accurately measured. Then know that the ring will fit and feel perfect.


Camo Ring for Men & Women, 8mm Wild Amber Blaze Orange Camo Ring, Camo Wedding Rings with Beveled Edge, High Polish Finish, and Comfort Fit

Purchased this ring for my wife….she likes it alot but would always prefer a diamond over anything. But when she saw it she wanted it and so I ordered it for her. Like mine…this ring is comfortable and resists damage like only stainless steel can. Her favorite thing is of course the camo pattern band that runs around the center. She gets quite a few inquiries and directs them here to get their own.

Final Opinion:

Well worth the modest cost and built to last quite awhile. In fact if you don’t need a good looking “Hunting Ring” that will…..please do not order!

Well built and well designed…reasonably priced…..and just about the best thing for a hunters finger I have ever seen.

We will enjoy our rings for years to come.

Check Them Out at Amazon!

Acadia Antlers!!!
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More to the company than just Antlers!

Early Spring Fishing: Great Video!!
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Some helpful tips for early angling!!

Resistance Band Set Review
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Resistance Band Set Review
(c) 2015 Brent Reece

To be brutally honest it gets harder and harder as we get older to find the time to work out. So I take advantage of every opportunity to get non-work related exercise. I work days at Walmart to pay the bills and have good insurance. So when I am at the computer or watching Tv I try to work the muscles I don’t work at work. Resistance training is as effective as weight training without the hassles of free weights.

My work outs have been great and I no longer get as many leg cramps and lower back pains as I used to. I focus on movements that are opposite of my daily movements. Toning and strengthening those unused or underused muscles.

Check out youtube for exercises:

A good example!!

Product Description
Resistance Band Set with Five Bands of Varying Resistance, Ankle Straps, Door Anchor, Carrying Case and Exercise Booklet.

Five Levels of Resistance:

Yellow (2-4 lbs.)
Red (3-6 lbs.)
Green (10-12 lbs.)
Blue (15-20 lbs.)
Black (25-30 lbs.)

Multiple Bands Can Be Combined for up to 70 Pounds of Resistance!

These are great! A smart buy and a great product!!


Clearview Headlamp Review and Contest
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Clearview Headlamp Review and Contest
(c) 2015 Brent Reece

I can honestly say that this is the about the best head lamp I have ever tried. Gone are the days of the “miner’s lamps” that weighed heavily on ones head and neck. Smaller lighter and more powerful with each new generation of technology. To where we are now with the Clearview. For added security when biking or travelling near roads they include a back light so you can be better seen from the rear. Now I like that concept but will only use the rear light on my bike, just seems strange clipping it onto my person.

Here’s what they have to say about their product……

Product Description
Clearviewlight Camping-Hiking Headlamp Set
Great lighting features in a small yet versatile lightweight device that is a must have for camping trips, hiking, cycling, bedside lighting or taking the dog out for a walk in the dark. Special Bonus Safety Back Light for added visibility when you want to be noticed from every angle.
Hard Sturdy Construction You Can Count On!Lightweight, Reliable, Resistant!Multi-purpose Headlamp. Complete Set: Front and Back. Added Back Light for Extra Security

Be smart and swing by Amazon before you go out in the dark…and shed some light on your travels.


Now to make this more interesting:
I will be giving away a free headlamp set to one of the first 10 who email me at northwoodswanderings@yahoo.com,or comment here,or post on our Facebook page.