My Pets America Dog Harness
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My Pets America Dog Harness
©2016 Brent Reece

As a rabid dog lover I really love great gear like this! Anything that makes it easier on dog or owner is fantastic. If you have a larger dog you will love this harness. Better than that your dog will love it! Easy on and off, with supreme comfort.

Product Info:

LARGE and MEDIUM DOG HARNESSES AVAILABLE: this dog harness is fully adjustable and covers different sizes as per dimensions (strongly advise basic MEASUREMENT before ordering) Medium: chest 19 to 25 inches and neck 17 inches to 21 inches, Large: chest 22 to 33 inches and neck 20 inches to 27 inches, making it the perfect choice for most dogs. Suitable for: Husky, Pitbull, Terrier, English & French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Boxer, Labrador etc.
• REFLECTIVE DESIGN keeping your best friend safe all the time, even during those late night walks or early morning. The reflective element on the pet harness will make your dog visible in the dark
• COMFORTABLE SPONGE FILLED ANTI PULL effect dog harness for your best friend: no stress on dog’s neck, no choke, ideal solution for dogs that pull with sponge filling comfortable and luxurious, perfectly designed for easy walking, jogging, running, hiking or even training
• DURABLE MATERIALS: wear-resistant and durable perfect for outdoor, non-toxic, made from Light-Weight Polyester. Package Includes: One My Pets America H Harness, One My Pets America Leash, including the My Pets America Logo – as proof of the highest level quality craftsmanship
• FULL SYSTEM with LEASH (78 inch leash included), and pull back HANDLE on the dog harness; furthermore, easy to use as for car rides by slipping the seat belt through the handle of the pet harness

Just my opinion:

Truthfully, this is a great option for you bigger dog! Not one of those useless nylon web strap harnesses that never stay in place and hurt your dog! This is very comfortable, and very secure! Even has a handle on top for restraining your dog at your side! I will use nothing else from here on. Rossie loves it!!

I am a non-paid reviewer; I receive products for free or at extreme discounts solely to do an honest and unbiased review on! The opinions expressed here are solely my own.

Egoz Sleeping Bag
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Egoz Sleeping Bag
©2016 Brent Reece

All you hikers and bikers out there who like to campout and spend time in the woods will love this light weight sleeping bag!

The perfect summer sleeper in a great carryall bag!

I love to camp and hike…….and this goes on all my excursions from here on!


Product Description:

• Tactical quality you expect from Egoz, built to last, designed to keep you warm and comfortable
• Great multi-use product for Survival, backpacking, biking, scouts, camping, perfect for all Guide and Outfitters
• Egoz Tactical 3 Season Sleeping Bag, Temp. rated +30ºF to +40ºF, 180cm long + 30cm top and 75cm wide
• 100% Polyester with fill 100% Cotton
• Easily rolls and stuffs into the included stuff sack

Where to get yours:


I am a non-paid reviewer, and received this product at a discount, or reduced price. For doing a fair and honest review. I only review items my readers would like to know more about.

Sougilang YB 3000 Spinning Reel
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Sougilang YB 3000 Spinning Reel
©2016 Brent Reece

Look at this:

Take another look…..

Precision and style!!


• Bearing:13+1bb ratio:5.5:1
• Left and right hand are ok
• Stainless steel ball bearings
• Line capacity: 8/215 10/190 12/140
• Weight:approx 266g/9.38oz

If you need really cost effective gear … will love this stuff!

This reel performs!

Smooth gearing and revolving spool that feeds line on evenly for longer casts!

This is an entry level reel but is built a lot better than you might imagine. This is a company that is taking reels seriously.

If you are looking for top performance in an inexpensive reel you will find it here!

I am a non-paid reviewer, and received this product for free or at a great discount for doing a fair and honest review.

Emergency Survival Tube Tent
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Emergency Survival Tube Tent
©2016 Brent Reece

Stay above the cold ground in the suspended tube tent.

Emergency Shelter is critical in Maine winters……have yours tucked away in the daypack.

Product Description From Amazon:

•PREPARE LIKE A SURVIVOR – This emergency shelter tube tent is an integral part of any survival kit, bug-out bag, earthquake kit, 72-hour kit, day pack, roadside assistance bag. Bring it with you when hiking, camping, hunting, boating, or fishing.
• PARACORD 550 – 5 meters suspension rope made with Military Grade Type III, 7-Yarn, 3-Strand paracord to give you that extra edge in emergency situations. Supports up to 550lbs and can be used for tow line, tarp tie down, pack strap, knife handle wrap, etc.
• NASA DESIGNED MYLAR – The super thin, lightweight, and tough Mylar was originally designed for space exploration. It reflects & retains up to 99% of body heat to keep you warm. It also folds up small for easy storage and transportation.
• SUPERIOR DESIGN – Anchoring ropes in 4 bottom corners to improve stability. Easy to setup. Perfect blend between rip resistance and carry weight. Fits 2 adults.
• TEMPORARY & EMERGENCY USE – This product is for emergency situations, and is not meant to replace your camping tent.

Comments: Anyone that has ever been suck in the woods overnight knows you need FIRE…..Water….and Shelter. Be ahead of the curve and pack something better than a space blanket or tarp. But this weighs way less than you would think. Pack your daypack with all the things you know you will need and enough of the other stuff to keep you safe in all situations. PACK THIS!!

Get yours on Amazon

I am a non-paid reviewer; I receive products for free or at extreme discounts solely to do an honest and unbiased review on! The opinions expressed here are solely my own.

SRB Rests Fall promotion
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SRB Rests Fall promotion
©2016 Brent Reece

All you need to know…….

B O W !!!