Survival Water Filter
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Survival Water Filter
© 2015 Brent Reece

Here is the Youtube video compilation I just did on this cool item!!

Whether you hike…bike……fish…or hunt. You need to carry one of these and you won’t need to lug all that extra water!

Get yours at :

I received this item to test and review and all reviews are unbiased and uncompensated. I select certain items of interest to my readers that I think they would be interested in!

Red Fox Sports Triangular Bike Bag
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Red Fox Sports Triangular Bike Bag
© 2015 Brent Reece

What a great product! As an avid trekker here in Maine I am on my bike a lot and good gear is essential. This triangular dream is perfection to all serious riders. Two easily accessible weatherproof side pockets and secure mounting at three points on my bike make it an ideal addition to my bike! The reflective bands on each side insure greater visibility for the rider riding at night. Which is often the case as we trail ride across the north country.

Maximizing space on a trek bike is also an essential item here as well. Bigger bulkier baggage can be added to panniers in the back. But the under the crossbar triangular design makes great use of dead space on the bike. Leaving room for my hydration bottle, and working in tandem with my forward mounted mini saddlebag up near the handlebars. Thus allowing me to carry emergency gear/parts and tools on the bike no matter where I go!

Here’s what they say about their product:

Product Description
The Red Fox Sports Frame Bag Is Ideal For:

- Those who find under the seat bags too small
- Those who need access to their bag while riding
- Those who commute or need enough storage space for day trips
- Those who like to carry their wallet, keys, cell phone, food, tools and clothing

Features & Benefits:

- Made of high quality, durable waterproof material
- Two separate compartments one on each side of the bag
- Reflective strips on both sides of the bag for visibility
- Strong interlocking zippers with pull toggles for easy access
- Triangular design with velcro on 3 sides to attach securely to the frame under the handle bars or below the seat
- Fits conveniently inside the frame for out of the way storage
- Fits well on different frame sizes of mountain, road and hybrid bikes (see sizing charts in the pictures above)

Will The Red Fox Sports Frame Bag Fit My Bike?

The frame bag will fit most mountain, road and hybrid bikes. If your bike has an angled or curved top tube or full suspension there may not be enough room within the frame for the bag. Your frame tubes must be less than 6 inches in circumference for the velcro straps to fit around the tubes. Refer to the diagrams in the pictures above for instructions on how to measure your bike.

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I received a free product for this review. The opinions expressed here are my own and I was not compensated in any way for my review other than getting the product to test. All reviews are unbiased and fair. Meant solely for informing my readers on what is out there that interests them.

Survival 101: Paracord Combo – Bracelet and Paracord Grenade
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Survival 101: Paracord Combo – Bracelet and Paracord Grenade
©20105 Brent Reece

I have an ongoing love affair with all forms of paracord goodies. I know how good this stuff is in the wilds and wilderness of Maine. So I am always looking for newer and better ideas. The Summit Survival combo is the best of both worlds. More than enough cordage for shelter and fire starting included in the grenade. The newest twist is that it has a basic fishing kit included. Shelter…Fire….Food!!

The paracord which is a lightweight, nylon, cord used in Parachute construction and rated to 550 pounds. Being all nylon makes it somewhat elastic as well. It can be used to tie, and repair any number of things, and it comes in an infinite number of colors. Now what separates Summit Survival’s bracelet from most others, though, is the Type III 550 paracord, and the Sharp Eye fire starter/clasp that secures it around your wrist. While most are content with just a simple plastic snap buckle, Summit Survival went the extra distance and added another indispensable tool on another already indispensable tool.

Inside the grenade is a treasure trove of goodies to light fires and catch fish!

Read the Details below……and decode for yourself! You need this in your bug out bag!!

Product Description

The Summit Survival Paracord Grenade and Paracord Bracelet ensures that you and your family have the necessary tools to survive, find help, catch fish, or build shelter. These top-of-the-line products are equipped with everything to assist you during an unexpected night in the wilderness. Never go camping or hiking without one again!

As seen on TV! – Both tools have been featured on such hit reality shows as Survivorman, Doomsday Preppers, Running Wild, and numerous others.

Premium Paracord Bracelet
- Includes premium Sharp Eye Fire Starter – makes it easier to start a fire instantly.
- Adjustable size allows the bracelet to fit numerous wrist size.
- OPSEC – easily hides under most jackets and sleeves.
- MULTIPLE SURVIVAL USES – start a fire, build a camp, and secure equipment all from one tool that you carry on your wrist.
- Strong 550 paracord allows you to tie, build shelter, and fix tools

Premium Paracord Grenade
- Premium Survival Kit: Includes over 11 survival tools all wrapped in paracord: tin foil, fishing floats, weights, swivels, cotton, fishing hooks, fire starter, carabiner, eye knife-all wrapped in premium 550 paracord.
- Eat-Work-Stay Warm: Includes everything you need to catch food, construct a makeshift shelter, and start a fire.
- EDC Perfect addition to your Everyday-Carry-Kit (EDC)

Lifetime Guarantee on both tools-contact us via email!.

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Landowner Appreciation Cleanup Contest
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MDIFW Header

To: All Outdoor User Groups

From: Landowner Relations Specialist Rick LaFlamme

Date: July 23, 2015

Re: Landowner Appreciation Cleanup Contest

We are proud to announce that the Maine Warden Service and the Maine Forest Service are partnering with Kittery Trading Post to sponsor a Landowner Appreciation clean-up event.

This event will be open to any organized club throughout the state, i.e. ATV club, snowmobile club, sportsman club, fish and game club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.

Day of event will be September 12, 2015.

The top four winners will be awarded:

1st Place $1000.00 gift card to Kittery Trading Post

2nd Place $750.00 gift card to Kittery Trading Post

3rd Place $500.00 gift card to Kittery Trading Post

4th Place $250.00 gift card to Kittery Trading Post

The top twenty clubs will receive some Departmental Swag for its participating club members

Rules of the contest: Your club representative info required. (Contact person & cell number) name of organization, how many within the organization will be participating, location in the state, etc.

Call 287-5240 ask for Virginia Vincent to enter

All trash/litter that your organization retrieves from a landowners’ land will be brought to one of the 6-10 statewide located dumpsters and weighed in(truck load) by Maine Game Wardens and Maine Forest Rangers. Added info required will be, landowners’ contact info, GPS coordinates of trash, photos of before and after, nearest road location and town.

All participating clubs (contact person) will be able to have a question and answer conference call the evening of the 25th with MWS and MFS coordinators.

Contest hours 8:00am- 6:00pm on the 26th of September

We will also provide some key locations for cleanup.


Your organization will receive:

* Free Landowner appreciation prints offered by the Department of I .F.W.

* Free disposal of all non-toxic trash/litter that your organization picks up off a       landowners’ land at MWS and MFS Headquarters (Dumpster Locations) Gray, Augusta, Sidney, Bangor, Greenville, and Ashland, as well as other strategic locations.

Thank You,

Rick Laflamme

Companion S Light Review
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Companion S Light
©2015 Brent Reece

This is truly a great headlight for all of us who travel and camp. Plus an excellent light for the hunters out there too. Especially with the white lights and red led’s a button push away! The light is light and comfortable on your head and secure with adjustable straps. The tilting head makes it easy to aim the light where you need it. LED technology means your batteries last a lot longer as well. AS you can see from the picture this is a really great light for maps at night and basic navigation.

What the company has to say!!

Product Description
How to make your life easier
Either you are camping or hiking, running or biking, fixing things in your house or your car or simply walking your dog, enjoy your favorite activities during night or low light environments, accompanied by this small, yet strong headlamp that will enhance your sight and make your life easier.

The Secret of a good, reliable Headlamp and its benefits
• Solid Construction
• Keeps your hands free
• Confortable to wear
• Secured batteries compartment
• Easy batteries changing – no tools required
Made from High Quality Materials to be Impact Resistant, Protected against Dust Ingression and Water Resistant, you will not have to worry about using it in any environment conditions.
The adjustable strap, made from a nice and soft material, will Comfortably fit on your head, letting your Hands Free so you can keep your focus on your activity.
The steel screw will keep the batteries compartment safely closed even after many years of use while its big plastic head enables you to handle it with only 2 fingers.

Versatile Multi-Purpose Headlamp
• 1W White LED with 3 modes: High, Low and Strobe
• 4 Red LEDs with 2 modes: High and Strobe
• 2 Buttons – 1 for White and 1 for Red
• Works with 3 AAA batteries (not included)

BONUS – Red Safety Taillight Included
Use it on your bike, your helmet or your backpack to increase your visibility hence your safety on the road

You will be hardpressed to find any light that can deliver the visibility and clarity of this one! I am just that imnpressed!!

Get yours at

I received a free product for this review. The opinions expressed here are my own and I was not compensated in any way for my review other than getting the product to test. All reviews are unbiased and fair. Meant solely for informing my readers on what is out there that interests them.

- Brent Reece(Northwoods Wanderings)