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CLD Mosquito Repellent Bracelet BUGBRACELET™ Product Review
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CLD Mosquito Repellent Bracelet BUGBRACELET Product Review


© 2015 Brent Reece



This is Mt Katahdin near my home in Northern Maine. Specifically this is the trail-side leading to Chimney Pond and Chimney peak. The lowlands around the mountain, is a breeding ground for all forms of blood sucking mosquito!!



 It may look beautiful from here but as you hike the trails to the mountain the bugs will nearly drive you out!!


Here you either soak yourself in bug dope or you are eaten alive!



Then along comes a huge advantage in the bug wars.




The CLD Brand of BUGBRACELET™ has innovated the bug repellant industry in that it has offered a real innovation and solution to the issue.


A solution that does not include bathing in Deet  repellants.


A safer better solution is at hand, or on the wrist if preferred.  Now due to exterior influences I feel my full review is just a little light without proper use testing. Things are just getting thawed out around here. Look forward to a follow-up testing article once the bugs are out in better numbers than seen.




Product Description

Finally…No more bites! You now have the Best Mosquito Repellent Bracelet or Anklet on Amazon.

Imagine no more shiny legs, sticky arms or patches on your body! Who needs skin so soft? Now you can show off your fashionable insect repellent and never miss another outdoor event.

Don’t buy the imitation when you can have the best and the real thing.

Active Ingredients:
Geraniol Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Citronella Oil

These oils are among the US Environmental Protection Agency Federal Registry list of safe, non-toxic insecticides. By using our wristband you won’t expose yourself, your family, and those you love and care about to harmful chemicals.

What’s in the box?

Four (4) bracelets
CLD Brands best insect repellent comes packaged with 4 bands provided 800 hours or 33 days of bug free fun. Each band lasts 200 hours once the bag is opened.

Note: This is not a toy. Use with adult supervision

Satisfaction Guaranteed 
Your satisfaction is our priority. CLD Brands® is confident you will love your insect repellent bracelet and we offer a no hassle, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Copyright © CLD Brands 2014. Sold Exclusively By CLDBrands and its Authorized Dealers.

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©2015 Brent Reece






In my house I am the knife man. I buy the knives and keep them sharp. I carve the turkey/ham each holiday. I not only do house duties, I also do my own butcher and processing of all meat in my house.


As a hunter I am busy with butchering of all manner of game. Then as an angler I also put a lot of fish in the freezer!  I need sharp knives!!


The Priority Chef is literally the best knife sharpener I have ever used. The carbide edge correction is an essential step in all sharpening. The ceramic discs put that razor blade edge on my knives with just a few quick swipes!


I have several manual sharpeners and a wet wheel sharpener in my hobby shop. I know how to put an edge in a knife! This tool makes that chore an easy task for anyone!



Product Description

  • Not All Knife Sharpeners Are Created Equal! – This Priority Chef knife sharpener is different from the many other knife sharpeners available on the market today. Most sharpeners will create a typical straight ‘V’ shaped finish. This Priority Chef knife sharpener model PC-KN02 will create a concave shaped finish to your knife, giving an extra sharpness that most other sharpeners can’t compete with.

    Ergonomically Designed Handle and Non Slip Base – The stylish knife sharpener’s handle has been designed to fit comfortably when in use allowing you a good firm grip and has a soft, cushioned non-slip base under that stylish steel base!

    Please Note – This knife sharpener is not suitable for serrated or ceramic knives.

    2 Stage Knife Sharpening System – Priority Chef’s professionally designed advanced knife sharpener has 2 stages that can transform any straight edged knife to a new level of sharpness that almost any professional chef would be proud of. Stage 1 uses Tungsten carbide blades and should only be used for the dullest of blades. Around 3-4 pulls through this section will prepare your knife shape for the the next step. Stage 2 uses 2 ceramic wheels that will give your knife a high quality finish and a razor like edge.

Here on Amazon

Atrico Multiport Smart Charger Review
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Atrico Multiport Smart Charger Review

©2015 Brent Reece


Finally a Charger for all your devices! Six smart ports for all those smart devices. 2 ports dedicated to apple devices and 4 smart ports for either your tablets or your smart phones. All in one cool looking black box!


I could recite all the technology in this device but…I prefer to just explain that it gets the work done. Organizes all those devices into a single location and simplifies the chore of charging.


Mine sits on my desk near my landline . Giving me lots of room to sit the device needing a charge. Cell phones ,cameras, tablets, and more.


Below is more of the technology that makes it possible!





Product Description

  • ·                        Atrico Multi Port Rapid Smart Charge Tower’s Unique Design Simplifies your Home or Office Décor by eliminating your messy clutter of Chargers and Wires. The Charge Tower combines all your charging needs into one simple neat Charging location. The Charge Tower also has a strip of rubber built into the base to improve stability.

    The Atrico Charge Tower has the most current “Smart” Charging Ports Technology which allow you to efficiently charge various combinations of Smartphones and Tablets. Includes 2 Smart IC Ports for any device, 2 Smart Ports unique for Apple iOS devices and 2 Ports for any Smartphone. The Tower can put out a maximum of 8 Amps at once and a max of 2.4A per port.

    The Tower Charger Puts Out 40 Watts and 8 Amps Total. The Ports Safely & Dynamically Alter Charge Output for the most efficient Charging times. Also includes “Active Charging” LED light to know when it is in use.

    The Atrico Tower Charger is also a great Travel Charger option as it is capable of handling either 110v or 240v. Despite it’s Powerhouse Charging ability it is easily portable due to it’s small size – 4.1″ x 2.2″ x 0.9″

    The Charge Tower is manufactured with the safest, most advanced, PCBA on the market for these types of products and the hub uses fireproof composite materials. The Atrico Rapid

Amazon page:


Amazon Source





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Davidoff Demi Tasse Review
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Davidoff Demi Tasse Review
©2015 Brent Reece

Wow THE FAMOUS SMOKE SHOP does it again!

The little cigar with the big taste and smokeabilitty bar none, hits a home run! A truly great smoke for all occasions.

These Demi Tasse cigars are perfect for after dinner and riverside lightups. Paired with some good campfire cooking and a little wine. Or a great salmon steak and spinach salad.

The light breath of these little darlings will make you smile. While at the same time delivering a good strength and taste profile. Not normally found in something so diminutive.

American cigars in this size are way too acrid and harsh. Not to mention they are usually very dry and smoke way too quick! Swisher type cigars are in a lower rank than these full bodied and honestly smokeable cigarillos.

Here’s some of what the world has to say about them:

“Like a lot of my fellow smoke n’ fire friends, I like to enjoy a good cigar while the meat’s cooking.
So, when the opportunity arose to smoke and review* these Davidoff Demi-Tasse cigars, I jumped at the chance!
These little 10-minute cigars are perfect for a quick grilling session, or for those last few minutes while those ribs are achieving the perfect glaze.
The Demi-Tasse are some great smokes; big Davidoff taste in a little package…a mild, yet aromatic and full-bodied smoke. They are long-filler, and taste just like a larger, mild Davidoff, but at a much more economical price.”

“Combining top-quality Indonesian, Brazilian and Caribbean tobaccos beneath an Indonesian binder leaf and an exquisite Sumatra wrapper, Davidoff Demi-Tasse cigarillos provide a perfectly mild, aromatic and full-flavored smoke that you can enjoy without the major time commitment.”

Here’s the stats on the little cigars!

Product Description
The Davidoff Family of Geneva, Switzerland has been producing the world’s finest luxury cigars for the most discriminating of smokers for generations. Truly rare gems, Davidoff cigars are as close to perfect in character, aroma and quality as it gets. If you seek a highly refined and luxurious cigar for a special occasion or have the means to enjoy a moment of intense pleasure, relaxation and happiness on a daily basis, make Davidoff cigars your cigar of choice.

Strength: Full
Size: 4 x 25
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Wrapper Color: Natural
Wrapper Origin: Ecuadorian
Wrapper Leaf Type: Connecticut

Pick up these and other Davidoff Cigars from Famous-Smoke