(c) Ivan Murphy 2010

Game Records:

Whitetailed Buck (Firearms): 355 Ibs., field dressed, Horace Hinckley, Augusta,
ME, 1955, Concord

Whitetailed Buck (Bowhunting): 259 Ibs., field dressed, Darryl Flagg, Jefferson,
10/20/1988, Waldoboro

Whitetailed Doe (Firearms): 185 Ibs., field dressed, Luke Arsenault, Lisbon
Falls, ME, 11/1/92, Seboomook Township

Whitetailed Doe (Firearms): 185 Ibs., field dressed, Steve Letourneau, Turner,
ME, 11/11/04, Lower Enchanted Township

Whitetailed Doe (Bowhunting): 166 Ibs., field dressed, Joseph Kennedy,
Litchfield, ME, 9/13/05, Cape Elizabeth

Whitetailed Doe (Antlered): 210 Ibs., eight-points, Jack Cross, Bethel, ME,
11/15/80, Bethel

Black Bear (Firearms): 680 Ibs. (live weight), Richard Moore, Allentown,
PA, 9/13/93, Patten

Black Bear (Archery): 501 Ibs., field dressed, Pete Shippee, Winthrop, ME,
8/29/90, Strong

Black Bear (Sow): 334.5 Ibs., field dressed, Tom Sullivan, Portland, Conn., August 28, 2006, Mapleton 10/31/87, Canton
Black Bear (Sow – Archery) 328 pounds, Kyle Stokes, Annville, PA, 8/29/2007, St. Agatha.

Moose (Bull) 1,330 Ibs., field dressed, Willard & Sterling, Waterman, New Gloucester, ME, 1982, Marsardis.

Moose (Bull-Archery) 1,040 Ibs., Craig Warren, New Gloucester, ME, 9/30/2009, Allagash.

Moose, cow: 774 Ibs., Mark McKenna, Jay, ME, 10/13/05, Dyer Brook.

Turkey: 27 Ibs. 12 oz., Sarah Levangie, Belfast, ME, 4/28/03, Waldo County.

Turkey (Bow): 25 Ibs., Chris Nadeau, Wells, ME, 5/1/07, Wells Falls

Note: If you know of a verifiable fish or game record larger than those listed here, or for a species not listed here, please send the information to: Harry Vanderweide, The Maine Sportsman, PO Box 351, Augusta, Maine 04332 Email: harry.vanderweide@verizon.net