Here is my offer…….(reposted)

Ok here is the deal. I want to learn how to tye the flies you tye. You take pictures of your fly as you tye it and send along complete tutorial of how, to go with pics and I will publish it here and on Aroostook Flyers & Tyers. Then my readers and myself will pick the best “taught” fly.

The top three flies will all receive prizes!!!!

This contest starts now………….and will run all summer!! Expected end date to be sometime in December prior to Christmas.So the winners will have an early christmas gift, they may choose to pass on. Regifting is definitely an option.

Now if you choose to tye it ala video and give an oral presentation. That is very cool too. I may even break out a speceial prize just for the extra effort.

Well think on it……….keep in mind originality is advisable. Please don’t redo a fly already submitted. If I receive a fly I have already posted I will disqualify the repeat and it will not get posted. Follow the contest and send me some great flies!!!!!