I recently became aware of a unique business operating here in Maine that has roots in New Jersey but harvests it’s materials here in our great state. The product is unique and at the same time “green”. It is in fact a kind of recycling. Carol the owner is a really great person, a struggling single mom trying to raise her two sons on her own. Now the sons are old enough to help with the business and have created a great little cottage industry. The business: Dog Chews made from actual Moose and deer antlers. Non-splintering, and completely natural.

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I’m Carol Plescia, owner of Acadia Antlers; a family owned and operated business making unique items from drops and sheds of Maine moose and deer.


Acadia Antlers had a humble beginning at a roadside stand right on the outskirts of the Acadia National Forest. Moose Antler sets were being sold there for years, and it was the perfect location to introduce Maine’s favorite long lasting dog chew to tourists and locals. The response was terrific and we were on our way!!


Acadia Antlers strives to be the premier source of Moose Antler dog chews across the northeast. Our antlers touch the lives, hearts, health and happiness of, not only the pet, but the pet owner as well. Made from the highest quality Maine moose sheds, we are proud to be environmentally responsible, the recovery and use of these sheds and drops minimize our carbon footprint, while enabling us to provide our pets with an all natural, green product. Acadia Antlers are “Buck-ing” Great!!


If you are a shed hunter, we want to buy our sheds from you!! This spring, we will be advertising and posting dates in local newspapers, blogs and the Maine Sportsman where we plan to be across Maine and will buy directly from you. You bring your sheds to us, and we will buy them by the pound – quality darker sheds have a higher price per pound than lighter ones. If you would like to sell them immediately, and we are not in the area, we accept shipments of sheds as well. Contact us and we will be happy to explain how that works!


The concept of moose antler dog chews surprises some, but those that have tried them, say there is nothing better!! We are proud to donate Acadia Antlers to our K-9 teams in the Middle East in Afghanistan and Kuwait through the US War Dog Association. Many, many thanks to the fine people of Maine that we have already had the chance to meet, and we look forward to meeting so many more. If you would like to sell your sheds, please call or email us!


Carol Plescia




Ok folks you heard it here first………..ACADIA ANTLERS!!!