That Mangy Coyote!!!


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There is nothing that gives me more joy than shooting coyote’s…period. (Yes that includes sex.)



It is an addiction that I have decided to pursue with all the gusto I can. Ever present on my mind it has taken over most if not all relevant conversation in the last three or four years. A constant subject of articles and hunting trips to Aroostook and beyond. As well as a gateway to new products to try, and new friends met through here and on Facebook.


A few examples:


T.J. Shockler/TS Custom Predator Calls;!/pages/TS-Predator-Calls/134311916649544


T.J. is a true calling genius in my book and has produced the greatest open reed call I have ever used…. “THE RELENTLESS JACK”.



                                                              Here in black Delrin


                                         Here as a molded production call…….still RJ through and through.


His custom calls are above par as well and you’ll never regret the chance to own one. Here are a few……





















You can reach him through his Facebook page or through the following address and email:

TJ Shockler

244cr. 4896

Boyd, TX 76023


or call him at: 817-692-9010



Timberbutte Outdoors;!/timberbutte


Gary Mathews is a true hunting innovator with his OUTLAW SLING. A true innovation on the concept of a gun sling.














A hands free double-sling that centers the gun on your back, where it will ride all day in comfort and security. This backpack sling concept sets the Outlaw Sling way out ahead of any competitor. They even have one for the ladies.



                                                                                                                       The Lady Outlaw


You can reach Gary here:


Or through here:


Timber Butte Outdoors
995 N. Plaza Rd.
Emmett, ID. 83617

Phone #: 208-365-7393



There is more to come on these new products from my good friends and others who have great products for us coyote hunters. Keep reading and I’ll back soon with more from my personal secret stash of cool and useful makers.


I read all comments………….


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