NEWTOWN – The Firearms fall out

© 2012 Brent Reece


Anyone who is has been alive in the last few days is very aware of all that happened in Newtown, Connecticut. We are all saddened and angry at the mass loss of life, especially among so many young, brave and innocent. The heroism of the teachers who saved many of these kids from death is always worth noting and celebrating. We are all praying for the survivors and the fallen.


As it happened with Columbine, we are all saying “WHAT CAN WE DO TO PREVENT THIS?”


Gun regulation is not nor has it ever been a solution to keep mentally ill and criminally minded folks from doing or getting what they want. Those regulations and restrictions only affect law-abiding citizens. Every time we have this happen we blame the gun and not the person who committed the act. We seek to distance “them” from weapons and make it more difficult. When all we really do is limit law abiding citizens access.


The worse part is the gun industry seems to “profit” from these instances and sales go through the roof.


Ruger recently announced I the last few months it was not accepting new orders because of its backlog.


Gun brokers and dealers all over the USA have seen record level sales and shortages of ammo, due in part to fears about the election and rampant hoarding. Then we have the growing number of “preppers” who fear the worse and are preparing for it.


Prices on AR’s were falling and gun buyers were again looking to acquire a semi-auto coyote gun. The 223 is basically only good for targeting and coyote hunting. Across the industry prices were plummeting and deals could be had at Dicks and Walmart on Windham Arms/Remington/Smith&Wesson/ and Bushmaster versions. The black rifle was seeing a resurgence in sales due mostly to this drop in price and easy availability.


GREED…is the call of day. Now with new laws looming what better excuse to drive prices up and blame “availability”. Dicks has already dropped the AR’s again!! Walmart in Maine recently made a deal with Windham Weaponry to carry their AR’s. So we will have to see who blinks first on that one!


Now for the purpose of clarity I am using the term or acronym AR to speak only about the “AR15/M16/M4” style of semi-auto rifle. I am not using the AR to designate/assign the label ASSAULT RIFLE. The Ar15 family of guns has been with us since the 60’s and has seen widespread use and acceptance by hunters and all types of gun users across the country and the world. Ar10’s are a beefier version and shoot harder hitting calibers from the AR configuration and are included in this AR designation. Because the guns are the same and have been so integrally assimilated into hunting and shooting as to be as widely accepted as the venerable old Winchester. (Which in the Civil War was more like an ASSAULT RIFLE ..than a hunting gun. Allowing Union Soldiers to shoot 10 rounds to 1 from a muzzleloader.)


Time will tell where this will settle. The debate on how to intercede and deal with violence and mental illness in this nation is going to be a front-page issue only so long as we the citizens refuse to allow the politics to target the tool and not the handler. Gun regulation is meaningless without Direct Intervention when someone has these issues and goes untreated. Accountability is the only way to act from here. Make the mental health field more accountable for their lack of action. “Troubled” youth need an advocate, and evaluation is not imprisonment. Letting these “patience” go is not the answer, assuming responsibility is!!



– Brent Reece 12/19/12