Happiness is a 22 and snowshoes

(c) 2013 Brent Reece


There is no greater pleasure in the world than hunting on fresh snow!! Accept for whackin a rabbit at 40 yards witha handgun! A feat often accomplished with a good pistol and a snowshoe rest!


Winter hunting is more energy than fall but can be so much more spiritual than the autumn time allows. The world is so white and partly green for the most part. The green Conifers allow rabbits to get shelter and food all at the same time. Hares can eat nearly anything they find and often do. Cedar swamps edged in pine and spruce are bunny magnets all winter.


Tracks in snow tell you the whole story. Who/when/where and how many…as well as how often. Just remember rabbits are white and love to freeze up as you approach making sure you have not seen them. Slipping behind a tree trunk as they hear you coming. So circle a good area often to locate the hiding hare. They will most often be hunkered down under low bows and up against a trunk looking like a pile of snow. A lone hunter will kill a few rabbits but a duet working together will limit quickly in good cover.


I have found a GPS and a set of VOx FRS radios essential to my productive rabbit forays. Check the laws in your state about using electronics where you hunt.


1) I log all my hunting spots into my handheld and my auto GPS units for fast relocation on a hunt day. The waypoints just make it easier to get back into the right places as soon as possible.

2) Partners: The VOx …or voice activated FRS radios are for communication with one or more other hunters. When I run up on a situation that looks like a hot trail and a hider…I call over by bud to “dog” for me, or me for him. Then work the cover  to full advantage and hopeful success. My radios are equipped with a ear piece and throat mike. Looks like special ops or FBI rigging, way too slick not to use in the woods. Handfree operationas are essential as I usually snowshoe with ski-polls for safety and balance. ( The whole rig for two FRS radios/mikes/earpieces is under 125.00USD.) In the cold the radios will need new batteries about every other day, and alkalines lost alot more than dollar store junk!!



Winter camping:

We love to combine a rabbit foray with a camping trip and some icefishing in the backcountry. But it’s not for the Floridian. Winter is brutal in Northern Maine and cold will kill you faster than heat ever thought of doing it!!

BE PREPARED……….READ ALL YOU CAN ON THE INTERNET SITS BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT IT. Then hire a guide and do what he tells you!!!


Dust another hare off for me!!!!

-Brent Reece