Ok all you camera buffs and budding photographers. I am looking for a massive turnout on this contest. Carry that camera all around Aroostook and show me what you see in THE COUNTY.

I am looking for great animal pics and scenic views. I am looking for potato harvest, camping, hunting and fishing pictures. I’m looking for skiing and sledding …and ATV quad races. Camping and Hiking Katahdin are great subjects too.

Start taking pictures with a purpose! Show the world where you live and how you have fun! Tell your story, or just show us the great view from Katahdin! We want to see how life is above Bangor! Now I stated earlier THE COUNTY, but your pictures can be from anywhere in Maine in the year 2013! I don’t want some old pictures from long ago. I am looking for fresh new pictures that haven’t been seen before. Please do not send in anything that has not been created in 2013! NO EXCEPTIONS! I WILL DISQUALIFY ANY ENTRY THAT APPEARS TO BE TAKEN PRIOR TO 2013!


What I am not looking for are cute pictures of the kiddies! No partial nudity! No Gore! No photo shopped images of any kind. Edited or altered photos will be discarded. Do not send in anything you did not take. No “googled” pics or “cousin took it last week” kind deals. If you did not take it yourself you can not submit it. It’s illegal to claim something that is not yours! I am looking for original photos that can be licensed by NWW for use in the Blogs.

All entries must be accompanied by a signed release allowing for the limited use and distribution of the photos. With the understanding that there will be no financial compensation, accept for that which may be involved in this contest put on by NWW and myself. The release will entitle me, Brent Reece, to the exclusive use of the image for the purpose of publishing it on the Northwood Wanderings or Aroostook Flyers and Tyers Blogs. These rights will only apply to the one time publishing of each entry as it arrives and a subsequent publishing to list the winners.

The Release: Please take the statements in the above paragraph, and  in your own words create a simple statement to that effect. All I need is a simple statement spelling out that you agree to and understand how the photos will be used. Sign it and date it. All pictures have to be submitted on a disc, DVD or CD-R or R/W. The release must be in the envelope with your entries on the disc. FEEL FREE TO SEND US ALL THE PHOTOS YOU WANT!

I reserve the right to reject any or all entries without explanation. None of the pictures submitted will be published without being first authenticated. All pictures are encoded with certain basic information such as camera used and date created. If this information is missing or altered your photos will be disqualified. All digital pictures have a digital source code to authenticate their creation. If I have any doubts, the photo will be disqualified and you will be notified.


This contest will run until JANUARY 1st 2014!