Camp Cookery in the Backwoods

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As an active outdoorsman I love to camp and I love to stay at camps throughout my state. Camping is in two distinct forms in my world. Camping, in the traditional sense involves tents and sleeping bags, and now gets called “tenting”. Then there is the “sheltered” version called “going to camp”. The latter is more like a vacation at a resort than anything we would consider to be real camping. Like the whole RV thing it is a matter of personal choice and interpretation.


For traditional camp cookery we are talking about packed in supplies now lugged in from the SUV/RV. So all of our items must be light, rugged and reliable. If they fail out here there is no Walmart in the backcountry. USPS and FedEx stay inside the compacts and never venture out into the real Maine, so you can’t “overnight” anything in the world I call home.


Out here in the “willy wags” we rely on the tried and true. Propane was not accepted in the backcountry for a long while, but is pretty much normal now. As such I carry a single burner gas cooker in my pack for all my cooking on the tenting expeditions. I also rely on a full set of aluminum pots and pans that go in the truck box for road accessible spots. But in the real backcountry tenting near a good deadwater for trophy trout I need a tough non-stick pan that can handle the task. Teflon is out and my usual aluminum or stainless steel is great as long as you have room for a bottle of oil in your rations.





I happened across the Ozeri Green Earth Pan while cruising the web and contacted them about getting one to review. The green earth pan is one of the first pans to use a natural ceramic coating and achieve non-stick perfection while remaining totally PTFE/PFOA/PFOA free. With the GREEN EARTH coating even under high heat no toxic chemicals are released.


Now for the outdoorsman the pan is perfection, as it is small and light. As well as it requires very little oil or butter for cooking. My 10” pan can handle all the ordinary cooking chores of my kind of camping. We stopped over at a friends cabin on our way back into our prime trout spot and did some light cooking with it. I took a few pictures as we cooked so you could see the pan in action.


We started by sautéing some onions and mushrooms……..





Cooking was easy in a pan that had such even heat and excelled at it under lower temps than I was used to using. Aided by the Bamboo utensils you see here that could be used with the pan to protect the inner ceramic coating. Something about going back to a natural way of living that is it’s own reward.



Then came the stew meat for the stew we were working on…….




We left behind only a wetness from the veggies to grease the pan for the stew beef to be browned over in. The idea was to get each piece browned up and lightly “Charred” for flavor!



Suffice it to say the stew was great and the OZERI pan worked to perfection. This new natural ceramic coating is superb and a true joy to work with. It took very little oil to cook our stuff in and I love that fact. The last thing I want is to ingest any more grease or oil than I have to.


The Bamboo Cookware was an additional review item and was a perfect match to the Ozeri Green Earth Pan. Pictured below you can see there are 6 normal shapes to use in all your cooking. The pan and the utensils all fit in the outer center compartment of my backpack where it is fast and convenient to retrieve them, as they are needed.




Like the pan the bamboo tools were light and efficient for the task. I especially liked the spatulas and the slotted spoon. Three tools I always use when I am cooking.  Not only did they cook well, they also cleaned up well. Have no fear if you need a safe alternative to plastic and metal for your better cookware. These are just the ticket.

 Bamboo Style 6 pc. Utensil Set: The factoids!!!

Bamboo Style’s® Premium Bamboo 6 Piece Cooking Kitchen Utensil Gadget Set (Spoon, Spatula, Fork, Slotted Spoon, Slotted Spatula, Single Hole Spoon.

Eco-Friendly Resource. Durable Moso Bamboo Kitchen Accessories. Moso Bamboo – Harder than Maple Wood!

Durable 6-Piece Kitchen Utensil Gadget Set That Won’t Crack Or Warp or Scratch Your Cooking Equipment – Or Your Money Back!

Are you looking for a complete kitchen utensil set for all your cooking needs, that won’t hurt the environment? Want to add that natural look to your kitchen? Do you want new kitchenware that is stylish, effective and eco-friendly?

There’s nothing worse than buying a new kitchen utensil set only to find out the tools are made from low quality materials that only break and become useless in a few weeks.

Fortunately, our premium bamboo range use only high-quality hard Moso bamboo that is compressed so won’t warp and crack. Our products are FDA tested too. This ensures they contain no nasty chemicals, so that you can be confident in serving your family and friends a meal that is purely your own ingredients. We guarantee no warping or cracking or your money back!

Benefits of Bamboo Styles 6-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set

-Durable Moso Bamboo
-15% Stronger than Maple and 33% Lighter than Oak
-Easy to Clean & Maintain
-Natural Bamboo with No Dyes or Colors
-FSC Certified – To Ensure Sustainable and Ethical Harvesting
-Doesn’t Scratch Pans and Pots
-Renewable Resource
-Anti-Bacterial Properties


As summer progresses we will be shooting lots of pictures and I will make it a point to show you how perfect this pan performs over the open fire of our fire pit and over the propane stove I carry to the woods with me.  As luck would have it we got hit with torrential down pours and tenting failed completely on that trip. We ended up sharing the camp with our friends and hiked into the deadwater rather than camp out next to it. It was an unreal storm and we were just glad we had an alternate accommodation.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.