I am proud to announce that I have joined the Bees ProStaff and will represent the Northeast. Having been a customer and a fan of his great calls for quite sometime.  This is a two fold honor for me to rep for him and for me to share my own experiences with his calls in the woods of Maine!  As anyone who knows me knows I take my coyote slaying pretty seriously. As well as allowing me to open doors to Bees in the Northeast to get his fine calls in more serious hunters hands.


Being well versed in hand calls has been a fantastic educational process and I thank all the great call makers for teaching me all I know. What I know in this case is that you will not go without success if you use Bees calls! Why settle for a call that makes sounds “something like”, when Bees calls get you a more realistic sound than all the others. Put aside the plastic factory calls of your fathers and join the new generation. You cannot count on “toy” calls to get the job done. Serious pros need serious calls……




Looking to take the show on the road in the coming months…. and will try to get into at least one tradeshow this winter.  Look forward to seeing you all there!!!