Fake Security Camera, Dummy Cameras CCTV Surveillance System with Realistic Simulated LEDs for Home Security + Warning Sticker
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Product Description

As you now, safety is a really important concern to our home. We are never truly safe not even in our home. And adding security to home can be really expensive. The camera service is way too expensive for our budget.

Here we’d like to recommend this Great Simulation Camera Dummy CCTV Camera to all the customers seeking for a reliable Surveillance CCTV camera. It is featured with high simulation appearance and cheap cost. To prevent larceny and theft, you can apply it to the shop, supermarket, hotel, parking lot, library, office, plant, community, storage and so on. Perfect security effectiveness can be available when it’s used with several real cameras! Bid it, you cannot get a better one at this price.

Dummy Security Indoor / Outdoor Camera, Weatherproof
Battery compartment is behind removable LED lens
Blinking LED and realistic wiring make it appear to work as a real security camera. Blinking Red LED that flashes in 5 second intervals
Bracket Arm Movement: 0 degrees ~ 90 degrees Downward Tilt, 0 degrees ~ 360 degrees L/R Rotation
Easy to mount , with screws
Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included)
A Security Sticker included


Having just bought a home in a town 1/2 an hour away I wanted something to scare the neighbors and any burglars away. The house is located on a dead-end and I have one neighbor across the road from me. Both properties were at one time owned by the same guy. My cameras are aimed at the street, and at the rear entrance. The lights are very convincing! in fact the neighbor told me showed his insurance guy the cameras and motion lighting I installed recently. In order to get a better rate on his insurance. Claiming that one of the CCTV cams saw all of the traffic that came down the street or anyone that went in his driveway.

These have paid for themselves in safety and in esteem from my neighbor!

Had two friends over and they scrutinized my shop and the lighting/ cameras. They were unable to 100% say that the cams were “Dummy” versions. Very realistic looking!

Here’s where to get yours: Amazon.com

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