Sougayilang Waterproof Salmon Flies Fly Fishing Box Review
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I am so impressed with this fly box!

The exterior is rugged ABS and the interior is ingeniously designed 4 layer foam pad construction. Like a box inside a box. The quad layer design allows a lot more flies in less space. When you are out fishing and never know what will be biting today you need a lot of options in the fly box to meet the challenge.(The foam beats the metal clips of classic Perrin boxes all to pieces!)The slotted foam lends itself to better spacing over the “wavy” foam of plastic Walmart/3M type fly boxes as well. The steel hinge is an added value to insure long trouble free functioning. Just look at the pictures and you will see all kinds of great design features well worth your time to try out.

I am sold on these and will be acquiring more!
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Product Description
Features Box for fly fisher,
Have two sizes: Small size of : 6.7*4*1.6in, and the Large size of 8.3*4.8*2in, with a swing leaf center.
It has a positive latch and sure grip exterior.
It is rugged, durable, and waterproof.
Will hold hundreds of flies securely and safe.
Will float if dropped

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