Website Forum Members Weigh In: Hogs Move More When It’s Hot; Hunters Say It’s Just Harder on You

Any hog hunter will tell you that one of the greatest things about their sport is that you can hunt hogs year around. However, these same hunters will also tell you that not all seasons are created equal when it comes to hog hunting. These findings are gleaned from an ongoing discussion at the website TexasHogHunter.com. According to TexasHogHunter.com moderator Neill Davidson, hog hunters are a group of passionate people who have no problem sharing their opinions on their favorite sport.

“The hottest days of the year are the best times to find hogs,” says Randy Dudley, Ranch Manager of Langley Ranch located in Centerville, Texas. “They have to move to water and they have to move to eat….its just hard on you [the hunter].”

Another member writes, “I like hunting hogs this time of year [winter] for the fact its cooler, no flies so to speak… in hot weather you can find [hogs] not far from a water source. I just don’t like sitting around in a blind when its 100 degrees.”

“I think any time of the year is a good time to hunt hogs,” another member weighs in. “However, the best time of the year to clean them is the winter time in my opinion. I hate cleaning them in the summer. It’s always too hot for me. And there is no good time of year to clean a big nasty boar hog, that’s for sure.”

Opinions range far and wide on the topic but all of the hunters agree that hog hunting is one of the most exciting and challenging sports around, regardless of what time of the year you like to hunt.

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