Happy News Year From The Wildlife Pro Network & Sites By Robb

Here we are on the brink of another year. We can use this opportunity to reflect over the past year, or to ponder the future. We are looking towards the Year 2011 optimistically  and hoping to make 2011 a very good year.We wish you a happy, prosperous new year an many thanks to all who support WpN. I want to personally say thank you. I want your business and referrals please – Robb Russell

Get Yourself On Google Places

You can sit down and do this yourself (learn how to  here) or pay someone like us to add  for you  all three maps on all three search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing ) ! Don’t put this off this is a new way Google wants us on their sites with registered and certified business. Call us and we will make getting listed very easy for you.

We see some changes in how search engines affect your business and have added placement in search engine maps, Google Places, Bing Local and  Yahoo ! Local and as a separate valued service getting you optimized placement for as many keywords and cities the search engines .

Do You Have A Web Site Listed On Bing & Yahoo?

Don’t under estimate the marketing ability of a search engine that is default on every Windows computer . Microsoft is Bing and Bing is coded as  the default for Internet explorer. Bing is the search engine for Yahoo, most every internet provider and cell phone provider.

Bing is a little finicky accepting web sites but we usually get our up in 2-4 month after submission. Bing is looking for lots of content, always unique and keyword domains get great placement in busy keyword dominated markets on Bing, Yahoo and cell phones. We build web sites using our keyword domain sites or you can domains & hosting from us here.

Listen To Rick Schadel On Animal Exclusions

Becoming The Best Gap Repair Specialist Specialist in The Wildlife Removal

Listen to this podcast with Rick Schadel & Ron Jones


Next Months Podcasts

Scheduled  Wildlife Pro Network Podcasts Jan 2011


This New Years Brings Changes To NWCOA Membership Renewals

Two very important things members are now required to carry liability insurance to do business with the public in nuisance wildlife control and renewals are now from Jan 1st of each year.

WpN was always behind NWCOA setting an industry standard of requiring liability insurance . In the end , a NWCOA membership now means more because oiof thenew insurance standards. Branding your business a a NWCOA member now means you are insured and separates you from withourt insurance and unable to join . I have included a list of  Insurance Companies That Handle Wildlife Control Liability Insurance

Exclusive Wildlife Control Liability Insurance

NWCOA Members Only

Contact Jim Pacehttp://www.buybestins.com/

Phone: (717) 761-4712 Fax: (717) 761-5810 Email: info@buybestins.com

NWCOA Insurance Program With Jim Pace (Podcast)


The topic of insurance for our industry is still a hot topic. My guest will be Jim Pace, with Best Buy Insurance and who exclusively offers wildlife control liability insurance for NWCOA members. His website is http://www.buybestins.com and his phone # is 717-761-4712. Jim will be discussing his program and insurance for the wildlife control industry in general. Join us.

Download Podcast

Snow Bell Insurance http://www.snowbellins.com

Email: gbell@snowbellins.com

352-796-3594 ext 24

Fax: 352-796-0354

Why NWCO’s Need Insurance (Podcast)


Not only having insurance but the right insurance can save your business , your family and all of your customers a lot of unneeded grief and has a dramatic effect on how the public will do business with you the business owner.
Ron Jones , 25 year veteran Owner of ACP in Southern New Jersey, member of NWCOA, NJWDCA was  joined by Gene Bell, of Snow & Bell Insurance in Brooksville, Florida, Gene writes NWCO and Pest Control company policies in the following states: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin. For more on this go to the press release at http://skinnymoose.com/wildlifepro/2009/01/26/nwcos-need-insurance/

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Brownyard Group

800-645-5820 • info@brownyard.com


Crane Insurance

636) 537-5015 * Fax: (636) 537-5009 Wildlife Control Program ATTN: Cary Wilson ccwilson@craneagency.com