Steve Albano will be joining us this Sunday Night, Feb 26, 2011. Listen to a previous podcast with Steve Albano back in April 2008. His web site


In addition to making some of the finest, well built mole traps with a popularity compared to another popular mole trap the Victor OS traps. Steve is Also The Region One NWCOA  Director:

Region 1: AK, CA, HI, NV, OR, WA
Steve Albano
Menlo Park, CA

Meet NWCOA member Steve Albano, designer and manufacturer of The Gophinator, and owner of Peninsula Animal Trapping, a gopher and mole control business in the San Francisco Bay Area in operation since 1992.  Steve  does gopher control on a large scale,  with several hundred residential gopher control accounts active at any one time. Steve also does work for parks, schools, homeowner associations, and currently seven 18-hole golf courses.

Steve Albano On Moles & Gophers

April 13, 2008

A full evening with Steve Albano, of Peninsula Animal Trapping PO Box 4128 Menlo Park, CA 94025 (650) 363-7963 We learn all about his wildlife control business and his products he has to offer the industry. After more than 14 years of operating a gopher and mole control service business using the marginally effective traps available on the market, Steve threw them all away in frustration, and designed The Gophinator. Recently Steve also released a new mole trap and sent out sample to various professionals throughout the industry to filed test them. Steve will be handling calls tonight on both his new mole trap and using The Gophinator in his business.