If you hear noisesi n the attic the last thing you want to do is just hire a roofer , handiman – maintenance man.

Juts imagine locking in baby raccoons, squirrels or bats and having them scratch until they finally die.

When critters die in your attic you will need dead animal removal becasue dead animals smell like derad meat and these dead anima smelss will attract many flies an flie larvae in your home. Ycchh

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North Country Nuisance Wildlife Control is best when it comes to removing those unwanted

visitors.We are a full service family owned and operated wildlife removal company.

We Service Anocka, Isantie and Scherburne Counties

And the cities of Anocka,Cambridge and Elk River and all surrounding communities.

We Specialize In The Professional Removal Of:

Bats,Moles,Birds, Gophers, Beaver,Muskrats, Skunks,

Opposum,Squirrels, Woodchucks. Raccoons, Many More!

CONTACT US TODAY!! 763-389-1372

http://www.northcountrywildlifecontrol.comEmail: bison426@msn.com

We Also Specialize In:

Chimney Caps And Roof Vent Covers Installation

Dead Animal and Odor removal

Predator Control
Animal Damage Repair
Clean Outs
24 Hour Service Available

Our Service Area

Princeton,Zimmerman,Elk River,Anoka,Cambridge,Isanti,East Bethel,Big Lake,

Monticello,Rogers,Otsego,St.Cloud,Sauk Rapids,Sartell http://www.centralmnwildlifecontrol.com