Just trapping the offending raccoon, bat, bird or squirrel in your attic is not the end of the problem. Critters smell certain pheromones that draw them to untreated surfaces and the access  points of entry and exit from your attic to the great outdoors. We solve any wildlife problem you will encounter. We can help you. Please call today.

Pine City, Center City, Lindstrom, Marine on St. Croix, Taylors Falls, North Branch, Forest Lake, Harris, Mahtomedi, North Oaks, Rock Creek,  Mora, Grasston, Quamba, Wyoming, St. Paul, Stillwater, Scandia, Chisago Lake,  Vadnais Heights

We  provides Bat Removal, Beaver Trapping, Chipmunk Removal, Coyote and Predator Trapping,Ground hog (also known as Woodchuck) Removal, Gopher Removal, Fox removal, Mole (Pest) Removal ,Muskrat Removal, Opossum Removal, Skunk Trapping and Skunk Removal, Squirrel Removal, Snake Removal, and Dead Animal Carcass Removal.

We find that noise in your walls, or up in your attic, remove that den of skunks under your porch or behind the woodpile at the back of your property.

We can put an end to the tunneling damage in your lawn , landscape or even on a commercial golf course.

Call  if you are looking for the job right the first time. Hiring Animal Eviction Services means you are working with a state licensed , insured wildlife control operator.

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