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The squirrel once he decides to make your home his is one of the most nastiest and destructive critters any one can imagine in their home.

Noises In Your Attic Madison ?

Noises In Your Madison Homes Walls?

Madison Squirrel Removal

Madison Squirrel Trapper

Do You Think Squirrels Are Cute?

Your home insurance company does not think they are cute. Most insurance companies have pre-excluded any liability caused by damage by rodents. Squirrels are in the same category as rat and mice. All rodents are commensurable, each of them have a tremendous ability to chew. Infact, they need to sharpen their growing teeth. Most home fires are caused by rats, squirrels and mice that chew house wiring. Now if your insurance company is smart enough to not pay for rodent damage the question is are you smart enough to have them removed before the squirrels finally remove you.

Noises In Your Huntsville Alabama Attic?

Noises In Your Huntsville Alabama Homes Walls?

Huntsville Alabama Squirrel Removal

Huntsville Alabama Squirrel Trapper


The gray squirrel is the largest of the four common species of tree squirrel found in New York which include the gray squirrel, the red squirrel, the northern flying squirrel and the southern flying squirrel. The adult gray squirrel weighs between one and one and a half pounds.

Typically the head and body are 8 to 10 inches long and the bushy tail is 7 ¾ – 10 inches long. The most common color is gray although a grizzled appearance with white tipped hairs and sometimes some cinnamon tone is observed. Underparts are gray to buff colored.

A grizzled appearance is most pronounced on the tail. Other color variations are locally common. Black squirrels are a melanistic color phase observed in some areas. Pure white squirrels as well as albino squirrels have also been observed. Male and Female squirrels have similar size and coloration. Gray squirrels have a summer and a winter coat meaning that they must molt twice each year. The spring molt begins in March and the autumn molt begins in September. Interestingly, the tail only molts once each year in July.

In the wild, squirrels are extremely lucky to live to an age of 7 or 8. Mortality of the inexperienced young is extremely high as they are hunted by a host of predators. They have been known to reach an age of 20 in captivity.

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