Wildlife Control Professionals Of Canton Georgia provides  a variety of wildlife removal services in Cherokee and Cobb County GA.  We  solve human and wildlife conflicts involving  most any native & non-native bat , bird or animal found in Georgia including the armadillo, bats, beaver, birds, coyote, duck, fox, geese, mice. mole, opossum, raccoon,rat, skunk, squirrel, and snakes.

Wildlife Removal Roswell GA

Wildlife Removal Canton Milton Woodstock GA

Common daily work includes the trapping of coyote , beaver and other wild animals. We see our fair share of bats in attic, squirrels in attic and raccoons in attics and lots of young bats, squirrel and raccoon babies.

Animal Control  Roswell GA

Animal Control Canton Milton Woodstock GA

Got birds in a vent we can help. 

Live Bee Removal Cherokee County Georgia

Live Bee Removal Cobb County Georgia

Wildlife Control Professionals of Canton GA also do live bee removal of honeybees, honey bee swarms, and remove bees in the home .

We do bee cutouts which involve a lot of time cutting out the hive, cleaning out all of the bees honey and bees wax.


Bee Removal Roswell GA

Bee Removal Kennesaw GA

Bee Removal Milton GA

Bee Removal Woodstock GA 

Live Bee Removal Roswell GA

A very complete from start to finish work is very labor intensive and we charge accordingly. We do the job right and close up your home and guarantee all of our labor we conducted in your home.

Live Bee Removal Canton Woodstock Milton . Please call our beekeeper for details.