In a very sick twisted way americans are reduced to now working under 30 hours a week bringing in less money and then being dropped by their employers private insurance companies and big business cites the new tax codes are forcing this on them. Most of these americans will end up paying a penalty every year for not being able to afford a insurance plan.

In the case of many formerly insured americans they end up unable to afford the new affordable insurance plans without their employers help and end up uninsured in the process. The supreme court was probably the only arm of the government that has even read the law.┬áThe Supreme Court called it a tax not health care.Remember? Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s position three years ago that the 1,000-page Affordable Care Act should be passed so that we could learn what it says?

ACA is a train wreck tot he national economy. I think we can create a new way to tax americans and give all us even better health care. One flat tax on consumer goods at the point of purchase. Germany did it with value added taxes and not.
Over the last year I have watched the local Winn Dixie drastically cut full time positions and only keeping few essential top level personnel full time. This week Winn Dixie announced all of its part time employees will lose their health insurance.

The average 8 dollar an hour employee with 4 years of experience went from working 50 hours a week with ten hours ($550) overtime as regular income with health insurance to 29 hours ($232) and no health insurance. These numbers $550 and $232 are actually gross pay before taxes to add further disregard to the american citizen the ACA has added more taxes to americans one of them is a medical device tax.

I live in rural Florida and Winn Dixie is a major employer. I know households personally that went from grossing $1100 a week with insurance to $464 without health insurance. This law is not gonna help anyone as it is written today.

The only winners were big business and government. ACA unlike Robin Hood takes from the poor and gives to the rich!

Kind of ironic the POTUS is always talking about how he is helping the people.

The poor become the poorer, and the middle class become the new poor. My example of Winn Dixie brings in the reality that Corporate America was the only winner and that this never was about anyone ever getting health care. Its just a tax its not health care and I remind you this was called Affordable health care.

Our elected representatives need to do the right thing delay ACA until it becomes fair to the people. Right now its a recipe for a revolt.

Personally this will not affect me but it affects every other working member in my immediate family. I got a letter in the mail this week that says “You are enrolled in the VA health care system, which means you have health coverage that meets the standards under the health care law.”

I think whatever health plan we have needs to be the same as every federal employee from the POTUS on down with no exceptions to anyone.

Anything less is just un-american.

As far as the shutdown I think its time for every State Governor to give their State law Enforcement the power to arrest any federal state officials trampling the rights of US citizens in their own respective states. The feds out of work don’t need back pay they are non essential period. They should be using this time seeking new employment not involving federal funds anyway!