This shutdown has shown us that if the government can use parks, fishing rights and other taunting tactics now.

The last thing we need to give them is control of our lives via another weapon “our health care” .

Even SEN Harry Reid D, a proponent of ACA spoke that he did not care about children’s health care when he said this week ” Help kids with cancer? Reid asks: ‘Why would we want to do that? ”

ACA is a noble concept but what about the health care part? Fix it, change it make it fair.

Kill the 29 hour part time incentives to drop health care for employees. This was dumb very dumb.

New immigration laws to encourage employers to fire americans and hire newly amnestied immigrants is not only dumb but insane.

I question the social engineering here as faulty and anti US Citizen. We are taking a work force and making it idle and then encourage mass immigration at the same time.

God bless the USA !! Why are we sending this nation into a ever promising train wreck?