Robb Russell is an advocate of the Wildlife Control Industry which provides nuisance animal, bird and wildlife control to consumers world wide. The wildlife control industry differs from the pest control industry since we employ both common sens,e and use safe green techniques; no dangerous chemicals to contaminate homes and commercial places of business.The industry provides a service by identifying potential entrances and advices homeowners how their homes and the environment around their homes & business’s can once again remain animal & bird intrusion free.

Depending on local laws, many of their captures are returned back to a safe, outdoors environment and away from urban environments where they would just re-enter homes and business’s and destroy property.

Robb founded The Wildlife Pro Network in Sep 2007 which connects the Nuisance Wildlife Control industry with trappers and hunters alike. There is a critical shortage of trained wildlife control professionals across the United States and The Wildlife Pro Network has taken the lead in standardizing training to potential new professionals in this industry.

Looking for a wonderful career and working with wildlife and handy with tools check out our web site at

Robb Russell
Anytime Wildlife Control, Serving North Central Florida
Cell 1-352-575-0121
http://www.trapperrobb. com

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