Wasp Hornet Stinging Insect & Honey Bee Removal Saint Louis Missouri
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Honey Bee Removal St Louis MO We do honey bee removal , live bee removal, bee control, remove honey bee swarms, do bee cut outs from inside buildings from walls, attics, aluminum siding, under window wells etc. If you have a bee problem, wasp problem, hornet problem or a problem with any sting insect please five us a call.


About Bee Swarms: Most bee swarms are temporary. The bee colony is surrounding and protecting the queen and is in search of a final location to call home for the new bee colony. If you see a large swarm of bees in the trees there is a good chance the swarm will relocate on its own in the next 24 hours. If you have a concern about any bee swarm we would be happy to remove the bee swarm. Bee swarms can move right into small holes in nearby homes & structures. Ask us about bee swarm trapping.

About Bee Removal: We are a fully licensed pest control company in Missouri and licensed to use pesticides in addition to many beekeeper related tasks tyhat include  live bee removal , live bee trapping of bee swarms.  Call us for Bee Control anywhere near Saint Louis Missouri.


We also do Wildlife control including Animal Removal, Armadillo Removal, Animal Damage Repair, Attic Cleanup, Bat Removal, Bird Control, Bee Removal, Beaver Trapping, Chipmunk Removal, Ground Hog Removal, Lizard Control, Mole Trapper, Raccoon Removal, Rodent Removal [Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Flying Squirrels], Skunk Removal, Snake Removal, Wildlife Removal, Dead Animal Removal

Counties We Service
St. Louis, Jefferson, St. Charles, Washington, Ste. Francois, Cape Girardeau, Ste. Genevieve, Madison, St. Clair
Cities We Service
St. Louis metro area, including East side (IL)
What professional services does your company provide?

Saint Louis City County, MO – Saint Louis

ZIP Codes 63101 63102 63103 63104 63105 63106 63107 63108 63109 63110 63111 63112 63113 63115 63116 63117 63118 63119 63120 63123 63125 63130 63133 63136 63137 63138 63139 63143 63147 63155

Saint Louis County, MO – Ballwin Bridgeton Chesterfield Earth City Eureka Fenton Florissant Glencoe Grover Hazelwood Maryland Heights Saint Ann Saint Louis Valley Park

ZIP Codes 63005 63011 63017 63021 63025 63026 63031 63033 63034 63038 63040 63042 63043 63044 63045 63049 63069 63074 63088 63105 63114 63117 63119 63120 63121 63122 63123 63124 63125 63126 63127 63128 63129 63130 63131 63132 63133 63134 63135 63136 63137 63138 63140 63141 63143 63144 63146

And the following Missouri Counties:

St Charles County, Jefferson County, and Franklin County

Franklin County, MO – Beaufort Berger Catawissa Gerald Gray Summit Grubville Labadie Leslie Lonedell Luebbering New Haven Pacific Robertsville Saint Albans Saint Clair Stanton Sullivan Union Villa Ridge Washington

ZIP Codes 63005 63013 63014 63015 63037 63039 63041 63055 63056 63060 63061 63068 63069 63072 63077 63080 63084 63089 63090 63091 65041

Jefferson County, MO – Arnold Barnhart Cedar Hill Crystal City De Soto Dittmer Festus Fletcher Hematite Herculaneum High Ridge Hillsboro House Springs Imperial Kimmswick Liguori Mapaville Morse Mill Pevely

ZIP Codes 63010 63012 63015 63016 63019 63020 63023 63025 63026 63028 63030 63041 63048 63049 63050 63051 63052 63061 63069 63070 63071 63072 63087 63627

Saint Charles County, MO – Augusta Cottleville Defiance Flinthill Foristell Lake Saint Louis New Melle O Fallon Portage des Sioux Saint Charles Saint Peters Wentzville West Alton

ZIP Codes 63301 63303 63304 63332 63341 63348 63357 63366 63367 63368 63373 63376 63385 63386



All Wildlife Removed Anytime #799 Sarasota County FL Siesta Casey Long Boat Key Lido Beach
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Wildlife Removal Sarasota  Armadillos, Bats, Bees, Birds, Iguanas,  Lizards, Rats & Mice , Raccoons, Squirrels, Snakes, All  wildlife in attics removed. Attics cleaned . New Attic Insulation installed to code and great energy saver.

Anytime #799  Sarasota County FL Siesta Casey Long Boat Key Lido Beach

Sarasota County, FL – Englewood Laurel Nokomis North Port Osprey Sarasota Venice Casey Key Lido Key Long Boat Key Siesta Key

34223 34224 34228 34229 34231 34232 34233 34234 34235 34236 34237 34238 34239 34240 34241 34242 34243 34251 34266 34275 34285 34286 34287 34288 34289 34291 34292 34293

Armadillo Removal Sarasota FL

The armadillo is not native to Florida and causes thousands of dollars worth of property. We are professional armadillo trappers with plenty of experience right here in Sarasota County Florida. We trap armadillos, we catch armadillos for our customers who have concerns about armadillo problems in their lawns  or  air conditioning  pad,  underground pipes, underground electric, underground communications cables etc.

Call us for Armadillo Removal near Sarasota –   Armadillo Removal Siesta Key,   Armadillo Removal Casey Key,  Armadillo Removal Lido Key,  Armadillo Removal  Long Boat Key & all over  Sarasota and  Armadillo Removal Manatee Counties Florida.

Bat Removal Sarasota FL

Local Sarasota Bat Exterminators bat Control & Bat Removal Bats in attics but most of the time bats under Spanish tile roof , bats under ceramic tile roofs, bats under slate roofs due big enough gaps for bats to live between the roofing boards. Bats are an important species to our eco systems and we take great care in handling them properly and would never use a technique that could endanger bats or kills. Think of us as Sarasota’s Humane Bat Exterminators.

We always try to use a bat removal system that encourages bats to relocate on their own  and move out of the area. Professional bat exclusion is our preferred method which includes observing bat maternity colony seasons here in Florida No trapping maternal bat  colonies 15-April-15 August every year. Bat exclusions involving   maternity bat colonies are counter productive since they are flightless bat pups and would be unable to join their mothers and die and rot in your attics and then you will need dead animal removal services near Sarasota County Florida. We actually do dead animal removal , dead bat removal, dead bird removal  anywhere in Sarasota County Florida including Englewood Laurel Nokomis North Port Osprey Sarasota Venice Casey Key Lido Key Long Boat Key Siesta Key even if you need us.

Bee Removal Sarasota FL

Bee Control Sarasota County FloridaBee Pest Control in Sarasota County We do bee swarm removal and bee cut outs in homes and structured building .  We are experienced in the removal of feral bee colonies and suspect Africanized bees aka Killer bees.  We can also remove, kill , exterminate and get under control paper wasps, mud daubers, yellow jacket hornets, even scorpions and scorpion removal.

Bee Removal Venice FL , Bee Removal Casey Key FL ,  Bee Removal Lido Key Fl,  Bee Removal Long Boat Key FL,  Bee Removal  Siesta Key FL

We do a complete  bee removal we remove the bees, bee colony, bee brood, bee comb, honey and bee pollen and other bee residue.

Bird Control Sarasota FL

We trap, capture and or help get  under control most birds [ Most any black bird and ducks, doves, geese, parakeets, pigeons, starlings, and can solve most of your bird removal and bird control concerns. We solve bird problems that can be affecting any local business restaurant, churches, bleachers, parks and in the in the homes of Sarasota County Florida.

Lizard Removal Sarasota FL

We are mainly Iguana Trappers that Black Iguanas and green Iguanas too right  here near  Sarasota FL.  Alligators less  then four feet over 4 feet call the Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286).We get an occasional  monitor lizard and random lost or some other released  pet species that just show up. We have very few lizard species that are native to Sarasota County so if its not a anole its probably an invasive species. Lall us we will identify your problem lizard and remove any lizards you want removed. . Call for lizard removal in Sarasota County Florida.


Need a Alligator Trapper   in  Sarasota County Florida call the Florida Wildlife Commissions Gator Hot Line First!

The Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program (SNAP) is administered by the FWC’s Division of Hunting and Game Management. SNAP is one of five components of Florida’s comprehensive Alligator Management Program. Its mission is to address complaints concerning alligators.

Persons with concerns about an alligator may call our toll-free Nuisance Alligator Hotlineat 866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286). Generally, an alligator may be deemed a nuisance if it is at least four feet in length and the caller believes it poses a threat to people, pets or property.

Sarasota Rat Trapper Rodent Removal  Sarasota FL

“Rats & Mice” especially those ugly black rats some folks call them tree rats but these rats come by many names rattus rattus, citrus rat, strawberry rats, mango rats because this rat species adapts to any food source near it and devours it. This rat species is a climber and makes noises above you or rats in the attic.

A second rat species is the Norway Rat that burrows and digs in unlike his cousin the Tree Rat which is more squirrel like. Other rodents we can help you with are Capybara, Nutria, Gambian Pouch Rat.

Raccoon Removal

Got raccoons in your attic. let us solve your raccoon problem . We will identify raccoon access points and use raccoon proof materials to keep the raccoons out. We will be gentle if you have any mother raccoon and mother raccoon with baby concerns. We love rescuing raccoons and taking them to a qualified wildlife rehabilitation specialist in the area

Squirrel Removal  Sarasota FL

Got a mother squirrel in your attic and now have her young making noises in the attic. We will identify squirrel entry and exit points, seal up your home and handle all squirrels in our possession humanely.

Snake Removal  Sarasota FL

Any snake in living areas anytime. Any snake any size anytime including Anaconda, Boa Constrictor, Pythons and all non native and exotic snakes.  Water snakes, cottonmouth, moccasins, black rat snakes, eastern hog nosed Snakes, Green Snakes , Corn Snakes red Snakes,  and rattle Snakes. Call for snake handler Sarasota, snake trapper arasotaand snake removal Sarasota

Attic Restoration Removal  Sarasota FL

All  wildlife in attics removed. Attics cleaned . New Attic Insulation installed to code and great energy saver.

Bats, Birds, Iguanas,  Lizards, Rats & Mice , Raccoons, Squirrels, Snakes, All  wildlife in attics removed. Attics cleaned . New Attic Insulation installed to code and great energy saver.

Wildlife Removal & Animal Control Sarasota County FL Siesta Casey Long Boat Key Lido Beach

All Wildlife Removed Anytime #799  Sarasota County FL Siesta Casey Long Boat Key Lido Beach

ANYTIME WILDLIFE CONTROL #725 Bat & Honey Bees Removed Atlanta McDonough Macon Peachtree City GA
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Georgia Wildlife Services  Serving most of Greater Atlanta Macon  for Honey Bee Removal and Bat Removal

Animal Removal, Armadillo Removal, Animal Damage Repair, Attic Cleanup, Bat Removal, Bird Control, Bee Removal, Beaver Trapping, Chipmunk Removal, Coyote Trapping, Ground Hog Removal, Lizard Control, Mole Trapper, Pocket Gopher Trapper, Raccoon Removal, Rodent Removal [Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Flying Squirrels], Skunk Removal, Snake Removal, Wildlife Removal
Atlanta 678 572 8269 
Macon 478 227 4497

 Bat Removal Atlanta 

Got Bats in attic? We do Bat Removal without doing any harm to bats, your family and your home. If you have bats in your attic we remove bats humanely using the most modern acceptable methods . We locate small gaps that allow for the passage of bats in your home and we seal them up. If you are concerned about the cost of bat removal you will be happy to know we are one the most affordable licensed and insured bat removal companies offering bat control near Atlanta McDonough Macon Peachtree City GA

Bat Removal Peachtree City GA

Bat Removal McDonough GA

Bat Removal Henry County GA

Bat Removal Spalding County GA

 Bee Removal Atlanta GA


Are Bees Swarming and you just want the honey bees  removed. Need bee removal? Have you found a bee hive in a tree?  We are professional bee removal company  in we do live bee removal all over  Atlanta McDonough Macon Peachtree City GA  

 Serving most of Greater Atlanta Macon GA Area

We specialize in live bee removal and make every effort to put these bees back  to working the hands of a local beekeeper helping out by pollinating our local farms vegetables and fruits. We remove bees from the inside of homes and the technique is called a bee cut out. We remove the bee colony all of them including thequeen bee, drone bees and all of them worker honey bees. We remove bee brood, bee comb and any other signs of bees including the pheromone that can attract a re-infestion later. We seal up homes and make them bee proof.

Bee Removal Peachtree City GA

Bee Removal McDonough GA

Bee Removal Henry County GA

Bee Removal Spalding County GA


Bat Wildlife Bee Removal | Animal Control Canton Woodstock Milton Roswell GA
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Wildlife Control Professionals Of Canton Georgia provides  a variety of wildlife removal services in Cherokee and Cobb County GA.  We  solve human and wildlife conflicts involving  most any native & non-native bat , bird or animal found in Georgia including the armadillo, bats, beaver, birds, coyote, duck, fox, geese, mice. mole, opossum, raccoon,rat, skunk, squirrel, and snakes.

Wildlife Removal Roswell GA

Wildlife Removal Canton Milton Woodstock GA

Common daily work includes the trapping of coyote , beaver and other wild animals. We see our fair share of bats in attic, squirrels in attic and raccoons in attics and lots of young bats, squirrel and raccoon babies.

Animal Control  Roswell GA

Animal Control Canton Milton Woodstock GA

Got birds in a vent we can help. 

Live Bee Removal Cherokee County Georgia

Live Bee Removal Cobb County Georgia

Wildlife Control Professionals of Canton GA also do live bee removal of honeybees, honey bee swarms, and remove bees in the home .

We do bee cutouts which involve a lot of time cutting out the hive, cleaning out all of the bees honey and bees wax.


Bee Removal Roswell GA

Bee Removal Kennesaw GA

Bee Removal Milton GA

Bee Removal Woodstock GA 

Live Bee Removal Roswell GA

A very complete from start to finish work is very labor intensive and we charge accordingly. We do the job right and close up your home and guarantee all of our labor we conducted in your home.

Live Bee Removal Canton Woodstock Milton . Please call our beekeeper for details.

Why Live Honey Bee Removal ? Podcast About Honey Bees and Our Environment
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David McCleod aka warrior and his guests will be joining him tonight. David is gonna speak a lot about what is going on with the environment and the plight of the bees.  Click Here and Listen  to a short three minute discussion between David Vinke of Bellingham Washington and Sunday nights host David McLeod , Georgia Wildlife Services of Atlanta Georgia  .

Click Here To Listen To The Recorded Podcast

It’s Beekeeping Week On The Wildlife Pro Network (Podcasts)
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It’s Beekeeping Week On The Wildlife Pro Network (Podcasts)

Thursday Jan 20, 2011 How To Install A Bee Package: Shake, Rattle & Roll

Our monthly beekeeping podcast with Certified Beekeeper David Burns.


David is back for his 6th podcast in a series of 14 podcasts. For those of you interested in getting into beekeeping what better podcast to tune into “How To Install A Bee Package: Shake, Rattle & Roll” and listen or better yet call in ask the beekeeping expert David Burns.

Sunday, Jan 23, 2011 Bee Removal As A Professional Service

Bee Removal is one of the key services of The Wildlife Pro Network that we first promoted as a ideal add on service since bee removal is a service that can  be done by mechanical means and without the aid of pesticides.

This podcast will be lead by Craig Yerdon , http://www.somdbeekeeper.com. We hope David Burns, Jeff Dittemore and our many other beekeepers join in on this podcast.

Here are the original 18 podcasts many of these were hosted for The Wildlife Pro Network by the late Robert H. “Bob” Evans and Rob Overton. We miss both of them and Rob looking forward to you visiting every now and the, and get well soon please.

Looking for the complete series of podcasts by David Burns  Click Here

06/17/10 2:03:25 Native Wildflowers and Bee Friendly Plants Grace Mathews
Master Gardener
05/13/10 59:15 Boy Scouts of AmericaBeekeeping Merit Badge Christopher Stowell
04/08/10 1:48:30 Screened Bottom BoardsParffin Dipping Equipment Janet Brisson
Country Rubes’ Farm
03/11/10 3:01:07 Bee Acupuncture with Dr Amber Rose Dr. Amber Rose
Author of Bee in Balance
Elements Questionnaire
02/11/10 2:34:53 Preparing for Bee Swarming Season Open Discussion
01/14/10 1:40:32 Sustainable Beekeeping, QueenRearing & Overwintering David & Sheri Burns
Long Lane Honey Bee Farms
12/10/09 1:11:34 Making Products from the Hive Soap, Lip Balm, & Body Butter Monica Warner
The Carolina Bee Company
11/12/09 2:07:45 Top Bar Hives Bee Guardianship Corwin Bell
10/08/09 56:06 Honey Processing Maxant Industries Jake Heinemann
Theodore Maxant
09/10/09 2:43:30 Small Hive Beetles Freeman Beetle Trap Jerry Freeman
Linda Tillman
07/23/09 1:21:17 Ancient Egyptians and Beekeeping Dr. Ed Bez, archaeologist
06/28/09 1:06:51 Birds and Bees from the Ancient World of the Bible Dr. Ed Bez, archaeologist
06/11/09 1:44:58 The Honey Standard Nancy Gentry
05/14/09 2:12:12 Swarms and Bee Removals Robert Evans, Rob Overton, Steve Prince, Wally Swaim
04/16/09 2:12:44 The Beekeepers #3 Robert Evans
03/19/09 1:54:37 Beekeepers II Robert Evans
01/22/09 2:00:27 The Beekeepers Robert Evans
07/31/08 1:48:02 Trapping Honey Bees By The Numbers Robert Evans


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Gainesville Animal Removal :You Know Spring Is Critter Baby Season
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Gainesville Animal Removal :You Know Spring Is Critter Baby Season
We are a professional wild animal removal service registered with the Florida Wildlife Commission. We make every effort to always be both humane when removing wild animals for our customers. We specialize in armadillo and snake removal. When we have time we often perform other nuisance wildlife control services such as the removal of bats, birds , rodents, squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife from attics and eaves.
Springtime is baby critter time and removing them takes special concerns to not make orphans. We remove, trap, prevent and control wild animals.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year. Nature has a way of regenerating herself and all the dead grass,turns green, flowers begin to bloom and love is in the air. It is indeed my favorite time of the year.
Most folks who have conflicts with critters in their homes or other structures have no one but themselves to blame for a critter invasion. This is that time of year all of natures moms look for a safe place to have and raise their litters.

Newly Born Gray Squirrels Found In A Attic Of A Home

Here in North Florida , we have lots of wildlife that in order for their species to survive need safe shelters.

Those of you who have chimneys and don’t have chimney caps often find out a mother raccoon or mother squirrel take up residence. of course a old chimney cap that is no longer secure is just like not having one.

A common entry point into homes are either broken vents, poorly maintained soffits or access left open under the crawl space of a home. So if you are hearing noises especially this time of year you probably have one of natures mothers just doing what seems best for her new family.

Young Birds Living Under A Poorly Maintained Roof

If you don’t want Raccoons in your homes it starts with keeping the maintenance up, not feeding pets or other animals outside, and keeping the trash cans sealed.Anytime you leave food even in a bird feeder you are attracting them to a regular eating spot and they will quickly find a place nearby to call home and have their meals served on a regular basis.

Here in Florida, Bats are protected from any aggressive removal and trapping from 15 Apr-15 Aug. A mother bat has one young pup a year that is unable to fly for the first six weeks as a professional the state limits me and any homeowner from disturbing them and separating a mother bat from her young will result in the young bats die in a attic anyway and create just another problem anyway.

Bats Inside A Attic

Bats are removed from homes by restricting their known access points creating a one way door that forces them to squeeze themselves out but not allow them to get back in and to prevent re-entry any hole 3/8’s of an inch needs to be sealed.

Our chicken coops become popular this time of year as a young mother fox needs to feed not only herself but a den of newly born fox pups.Most fox problems can be resolved by not going them a way in and yes they do climb very well so a completely sealed chicken coop is the only way to keep them out and the chickens safe.

Coyotes are abundant here in our area and have been steadily growing at alarming rates. Mother coyotes also have dens of pups and need foxes, birds, cats and dogs to keep their own young mouths full. In the next month we will begin to see both mother coyotes and foxes out in the open as they teach them to hunt on their own.Good time not to leave a small dog or cat unattended outdoors.

The problem beyond some scratching and other noises in the dark is their toilets or fecal deposits. Fecal deposits can contain a fungus that once it dries up into powder can be circulated by any mechanical or thermal turbulence such as moving items in your attic, or the now broken ac vent upstairs circulating the dust up and around your attic and if your home is not built tight this dust can penetrate into living parts of your home. Histoplasmosis to many of us may just be a flu that seems to not go away . For more on this visit the Centers For Disease Control Web Site. Bats and birds are too of the biggest carriers of histoplasmosis though.

Seeing a wild animal this time of year in daylight does not always mean that they are rabid and can simply mean that they have mouths to feed. Rabid or not, leave them alone, don’t ever feed any wild animal no matter how cute they are or you are creating a problem for either your self or a neighbor nearby please.

Bottom Line: We can all live and enjoy wild animals and actually co-exist with them. Most nuisance wildlife is usually the result of a irresponsible human who teaches them bad habits or has given them a place to live in the first place. Wildlife has no boundaries; I just try to help you keep them out of your homes.

If you have a question about a wild animal call the FWC in Lake Cityor you can call me at 352-575-0121. For domestic animals like stray dogs and cats please call a local shelter .

Robb Russell

Anytime Wildlife Control

Gainesville Animal Removal :You Know Spring Is Critter Baby Season
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Wildlife Pro Weekly Podcast Update – Billings Montana Wildlife Removal | Sites By Robb -Beekeeping- SEO – Coffee Cup Software
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Wildlife Pro Weekly Podcast Update – Sites By Robb

Using Coffee Cup (CC) Software For Web Design

Thursday, 8 PM EST Jan 13, 2011

1-724-444-7444 Call ID 16456# Pin #  1#

Omaha NE SEO & Web Designer Rod Allen returns and will share with our listeners how CC can be used as a tool not only for development of your html web sites but a great tool for use in developing WordPress, Joomla and Drupal web sites. Rod Allen is a ambassador for Coffee Cup, meaning he helps hundreds to thousands of CC users worldwide on their forums and knows CC software as well as any one.

We invite anyone using CC software to tune in or even ask for help with any of their CC software programs. If you’re just getting started or if you already have a Website, you should try Coffee Cup’s  award-winning HTML EditorWeb Form Builder, and other Web Design Software to create or improve your site today!

Note: I have used coffee cup software for over 12 years. It is not that expensive yet powerful enough for even a web designer like me to take advantage of their great tools-

Robb Russell

Convention Update 2011

Sunday, 8 PM EST Jan 16, 2011

1-724-444-7444 Call ID 16456# Pin #  1#

We will have an open mic night and invite many coming back from NWCOA convention or just heading off to the WCT convention are free to join in and share their experiences.

How To Install A Beekeeping Package: Shake , Rattle and Roll

Thursday, 8 PM EST Jan 13, 2011

1-724-444-7444 Call ID 16456# Pin #  1#

Part 6 of a 14 part podcast episode series with certified master beekeeper David Burns.You can learn more about our monthly beekeeping podcasts at http://savethebees-usa.com

In Case You Missed Our Previous Podcasts: Findthem here

What Makes Web Sites Really Work


Our podcast series What Makes Web Sites Work! I was joined by web site designer Rod Allen of Omaha Nebraska and Danielle “Dani” Schaeffer, warrior forum internet marketer.

We went over a lot of the basics in site optimization and then went into making business’s cash registers ring from the internet then some black hat discussions and we broke into a lot of non seo traffic driving techniques.

Dani had some interesting perspectives as a internet marketer not a SEO type and comes from the dark side. Dani does not code anything and her success is just in writing compelling content. Dani believes in driving traffic to your site by back links using social bookmarking sites like Digg.

Dani made her first bucks on the net writing penis enlargement and breast reduction ads. You may have read her Viagara ads too!

Many of you will find her interview both entertaining and full of a lot of tips she used to be found on the internet quickly!

What Makes Web Sites Really Work!! |
Findable Web Sites For Pest Control & Wildlife Removal

A Squirrel Job From Thousand Miles Away


Dave Salys joined in and spoke about prairie dogs, his snake guide snake traps, Richardson Ground squirrels, Rockchucks and Yellow bellied marmots. Dave Schmidt from StLouis.squirrelremoval.us chimed in all night. We had a pretty good time discussing bat calls  and about Mike Flicks thread onwww.wildlifepro.net called “Bat Camp”.

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Podcasts on Beekeeping Raccoons In Chimneys Raccoons, Squirrels & More Raccoons
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Our Latest Podcasts – From Sites By Robb

What Bees Do In and Out of The Hive Podcast with David Burns

8:00 PM EDT  Dec 16, 2010

More Info Click Here

Ron Jones On Raccoons In Chimneys

Recorded Dec 15, 2010

Click To Listen 5 Minute Audio

Recommended Podcast In Our Archives:

Ron Jones “Coons, Squirrels & More Coons”

Recorded Nov 6, 2008

I had a chance to get  a good two hours out of Ron Jones on handling nuisance raccoons and squirrels during the fall & winter up in Southern New Jersey. It was nice to hear the late Bob Evans and his own experiences and guidance. Lot of good advice, and a opportunity to learn about  raccoon behavior in this podcast.

Click Here To Listen

Robb Russell While You’re Out Trapping Critters We are Catching Your Next Customer Online

Sites By Robb http://www.sitesbyrobb.com 352-575-0121
To Buy Domains & Hosting  http://sitesbyrobb.com/wpn-domain-hosting-retail-site/
Visit The Wildlife Pro Network http://www.wildlifepro.net
Listen To Our Podcasts http://sitesbyrobb.com/our-podcasts/

Request Info FOR The NWCOA Convention http://www.nwcoa.com/seminar2011/

What Bees Do In & Out of The Hive – Beekeeping Podcast-
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Bees hive
What Bees Do In and Out Of The Hive-  Photo Credit  Wikipedia

What Bees Do In & Out of The Hive –

Beekeeping Podcast

Free Online Beekeeping Class

Thursday 8:00 PM 16 DEC 2010

Join in on the call 1-724-444-7444 Call ID #16456 Use 1# as your pin

16 Dec 2011- What Bees Do In & Out of The Hive

This  Beekeeping Class  is part of the programming and podcasts done by, Sites By Robb ,  The Wildlife Pro Network and recorded on Talkshoe.com

Listen to the following podcasts click here , join us live for our remaining podcasts mentioned here. We love guest calling and sharing their own bee experiences with David Burns.  You will find David a devoted beekeeper , well researched and a gifted speaker.

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