I just finished building a picnic table from plans available at Home Depot online.  I love the design, and it turned out better than I thought. Home Depot in my area sells a kit for more money than I paid for the materials to build this design (about $125 including finish and fasteners), and it is far inferior.  It saves time to have all the pieces pre-cut, but doing it this way I was able to pick and choose my lumber, and include some neat design features such as the radius at each end of the table and the benches.  If you have a miter saw, a jigsaw, and a drill or screw gun this is a very easy project to build.

Below are the results.  The first photo is after only one coat of stain.  I used three coats of Cabot Australian Timber Oil in the Jarrah Brown color. Applying thin coats and rubbing them out with a rag is key to the process.  Although it is meant for exotic woods, it worked well on the pine boards I purchased at Home Depot for the project.  You can see by the water beading in the second photo (after three coats) that the combination worked rather well.