In the interest of inspiring ideas in others, I thought I would post pictures of one of my spring projects–making a boat cover support for my Sea Nymph 14R.  We have been getting a LOT of rain here in North Dakota this spring, so it was a timely project.

Here goes:

All of the pieces were glued together from 1/2″ PVC pipe and fittings, with a slight mod to allow the middle pieces on the right and left to slide into the oarlocks using 1/2″ CPVC which I elegantly taped together since it didn’t glue up well to the white PVC.

I built it to break down into three pieces for easier storage when it’s not on the boat, so I simply didn’t glue a couple of the joints where the pipes meet in the middle of the boat.  It is made to make use of a little bit of tension to bow the spine along the length of the boat.

Rather than provide too many specifics, these pics should be enough to inspire you to build a setup that will work for your boat.  I used tees on the bottom of the legs so that there would be  a good “foot” for each leg, but there are other ways to accomplish the same thing.