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Where there’s smoke, there’s NOT fire! But some darn good Fireless Smoke Puff, Smoke In A Bottle wind detectors!
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One of the big surprises for me this year was the 13 different Fireless ® Smoke Puff ® Breeze Detectors made by Moccasin Joe Ambush Products. There are several key things that really made these Breeze Detectors exciting to me;

– The breeze detecting product is SO FINE that it more closely resembles Smoke In A Bottle ®, than powder.
– The choice of 4 unscented, 5 natural cover scents and 4 ATTRACTANT scent in your puff really gives you an advantage.

The attractant Fireless Smoke Puff ® scents can be urine from either; Whitetail, Mule Deer, Hot Elk, Blacktail Deer Doe In Heat. Moccasin Joe has the actual estrus urine in the Fire Less Smoke Puff ®.

Just when you think it cant get any better, they even have the liquid “Hot Elk” and “Hot Estrus Doe” version as well.

Moccasin Joe has thought of every conceivable situation, they have a dark powder for bright daylight, and a luminescent version for low light applications.

They key for me wasn’t just all the new potential applications, and how that could affect how you hunt, but up and down wind. But for me it was that the product was just like Smoke In A Bottle ®, shake and squeeze out comes the smoke, which is actually a better description. I took some samples hunting the next day in northern Michigan. The Low Light Smoke ® and Bright Light Smoke ® worked like a charm. I will be getting my order together soon.

You can check out their complete offering list at:

Until next time my friends; Aim Small, Miss Small!

Moccasin Joe

The best quiver ever (so far)
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Ask yourself these questions about shooting with your current quiver on your bow:
– Does it affect the balance of your bow?
– Does it sound like a small hive of angry bee’s with each shot?
– Do your arrows loosen or fall out when you shoot?

I think it would be interesting to poll most hunters, and for the reasons identified in the questions above, most will tell you that once they get to their blind or tree stand, the quiver is taken off and hung nearby.

The good news is – you no longer have to separate your quiver from your bow. Instead, your quiver can actually balance your bow, quietly and securely hold your arrows. This year TightSpot quiver has reduced the weight to approximately 10 ounces, with just about every camo pattern to match your bow.

The TightSpot quiver pays attention to all of the points of frustration most bowhunters have experienced:
– Takes only 1 hand to attach or detach your quiver
– Arrows are fanned out to prevent fletches from rattling together
– It has a deep hood to fully cover the latest mechanical broadheads as well as fixed ones
– And you can have your ‘back up’ arrow in the “quick draw” position for the occasional second shot.

The price may stretch your budget a little, but for all of the benefits – it is money very well spent in my book.

Until next time my friends; Aim Small, Miss Small!

TightSpot Quivers

Waiting for the vendors…
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As a mater of principal, before I publish my views and opinions on manufacturers products, I send them the draft for a review as a courtesy. Since this is their lively-hood, the last thing I want to do is to misrepresent the capabilities or functionality of what they have created.

So I have 5 HD videos done, and waiting on 2 manufacturers for their feedback before I start posting like a mad man. Thanks again for your patience and understanding. It’s all about doing the right thing.

Until next time my friends; Aim Small, Miss Small.

Video’s are loaded, reviews are coming.
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Thank you so much for your patience. I have three days of interviews, videos, catalogs and product demo’s that I am organizing to provide YOU with the best information possible.

Since blogging is my passion (and not my paycheck), I have to squeeze it in between work, archery leagues, playing with our new puppy Pacco, and keeping up with my Honey-Do’s.

So, hang in there. The bows have gotten even better, accessories more functional, crossbows have made significant technology leaps, and on and on… This will be an ongoing work of love. Stay tuned my friends.

Until next time, Aim Small – Miss Small!

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