Ask yourself these questions about shooting with your current quiver on your bow:
– Does it affect the balance of your bow?
– Does it sound like a small hive of angry bee’s with each shot?
– Do your arrows loosen or fall out when you shoot?

I think it would be interesting to poll most hunters, and for the reasons identified in the questions above, most will tell you that once they get to their blind or tree stand, the quiver is taken off and hung nearby.

The good news is – you no longer have to separate your quiver from your bow. Instead, your quiver can actually balance your bow, quietly and securely hold your arrows. This year TightSpot quiver has reduced the weight to approximately 10 ounces, with just about every camo pattern to match your bow.

The TightSpot quiver pays attention to all of the points of frustration most bowhunters have experienced:
– Takes only 1 hand to attach or detach your quiver
– Arrows are fanned out to prevent fletches from rattling together
– It has a deep hood to fully cover the latest mechanical broadheads as well as fixed ones
– And you can have your ‘back up’ arrow in the “quick draw” position for the occasional second shot.

The price may stretch your budget a little, but for all of the benefits – it is money very well spent in my book.

Until next time my friends; Aim Small, Miss Small!

TightSpot Quivers