One of the big surprises for me this year was the 13 different Fireless ® Smoke Puff ® Breeze Detectors made by Moccasin Joe Ambush Products. There are several key things that really made these Breeze Detectors exciting to me;

– The breeze detecting product is SO FINE that it more closely resembles Smoke In A Bottle ®, than powder.
– The choice of 4 unscented, 5 natural cover scents and 4 ATTRACTANT scent in your puff really gives you an advantage.

The attractant Fireless Smoke Puff ® scents can be urine from either; Whitetail, Mule Deer, Hot Elk, Blacktail Deer Doe In Heat. Moccasin Joe has the actual estrus urine in the Fire Less Smoke Puff ®.

Just when you think it cant get any better, they even have the liquid “Hot Elk” and “Hot Estrus Doe” version as well.

Moccasin Joe has thought of every conceivable situation, they have a dark powder for bright daylight, and a luminescent version for low light applications.

They key for me wasn’t just all the new potential applications, and how that could affect how you hunt, but up and down wind. But for me it was that the product was just like Smoke In A Bottle ®, shake and squeeze out comes the smoke, which is actually a better description. I took some samples hunting the next day in northern Michigan. The Low Light Smoke ® and Bright Light Smoke ® worked like a charm. I will be getting my order together soon.

You can check out their complete offering list at:

Until next time my friends; Aim Small, Miss Small!

Moccasin Joe