Chart your progress and save time and effort. That will make you a better fisherman. Here are a few links to logsheets you can use. If you keep this going all year you will be at a decide advantage next year. These tricks are how the most successful guides always know what is happening where. Now that doesn’t mean you skip field research prior to a trip, but you’ll be better prepared.

The Links:
Fish Swami


Now for an online version specifically intended for flyanglers try:


This is my personal favorite, and one I am now using to log my trips. We’ll see how it works out. Looks cool and I like the amount of data I can track. In fact I am making up data sheets to take on trips where my laptop cannot go. Then I can save the data over to the log when I get home. Reliving each trip is a really cool thing for me.

I will add more links to this as time goes along. So come back and check this post often.

If you know any good links email them to me at : [email protected] If you leave the link in a comment I will delete it! Please send it to me and I will get it posted within this article.