Online Courses for the Outdoor Enthusiast.
© 2011 Brent N. Reece

In this day of growing Internet usage, and in an effort to increase our knowledge as well as to advance your career through school. It was only natural that online courses through accredited instruction would become very widespread.

You can get training on any subject through a limitless supply of Universities Online.

Well this kind of training is moving into a new direction. A lot of states have Mandatory Education before you can purchase a license to hunt, and or trap. Some require you to get training on ATV operations, and Boater Safety is huge in Canada.

So whether you need a Hunting Safety or a Boater Exam. You can find it Online!!

There is a lot of debate on the validity of this training in certain circumstances where hand on is a far better way to teach. Theories are one thing, but practical hands on disassembly and reassembly are essential to good comprehension. Most of the courses now being offered to satisfy State Mandates, are very detailed and comprehensive.

Most states will approve an Online course only if it meets the tough state requirements. The goal after all is to train our next users and keep all of us safe.

So if you need a safety course and are having a hard time finding one you can attend locally. Just pop online and see what we have to offer.

Each state is listed individually and in seconds you can be miles away learning the skills you will need to put you on your way in the Great Outdoors.

I was so impressed with online courses, that I took a Trapper Safety Course. Now I have my trapping license for the first time since 1978! Go ahead check it out. Feel free to come back and share your experiences with us!