Around this time of the year there are many things to be thankful for; family, friends, and the time we all get to spend together. For those of us who believe in a god we thank him in multitudes for the amazing opportunities the year behind brought us and we pray for continued health and prosperity in the future. As we near our lord’s celebration I specifically thank him and praise him for the love of my wife and children, for the blessings of a great mother, father and two awesome brothers. I also am so thankful that we can spend these days together here in Grayling. We will all be getting together for the New Year. Because of work obligations and the normal family give and take, my brothers could not get here for Christmas. Last year we had an amazing time for New Years; it was a typical Thompson get together. There was a lot of gas burnt in the sleds, and by the end of the night we were all gathered around a Bonfire. There was no wind, the temperature hit -5°F but it didn’t phase us. As the sleds were put away out came the New Years libations, there was a little Ginger Brandy, a little Gentleman Jack, a slew of different kinds of Barley Pops, and the ladies had some wine. We enjoyed a few fine cigars, and good conversation, kept warm by the blaze, and brought in the New Year together surrounded by god’s creation.

This year we hope to do the same thing, the conditions are almost the same, except this year there is about 18” less snow. As of right now we only have about 6”-8” of old crusty snow. Last year we had 2 feet of fresh powder to ride the sleds on, and a lot more time with which to play. We will make the best of it though, as we always do. We have some new plans this year too. We have always taken a few days to take advantage of the late season for Whitetail in Michigan, but this year we are adding a day or two for some varmint hunting, and a morning or two for some ice fishing on the local lakes. I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the deer hunting this year. The Michigan government has been almost criminal in its neglect of the Whitetail herd in this part of Michigan, but that is for another post, this one is to be all positive!

The ice I am told is about 9 inches thick on nearby Lake Margrethe and about the same or a little thicker on Manistee Lake. We may have a little trouble though as there is a warm spell in the forecast. So that may prohibit the ice fishing a little, but we will see. If it does warm up I will probably use those days to shoot some coyote. Also a little update on the RV situation, we have placed our deposit and signed the contract on the RV I pictured in an earlier post so it is officially ours. We will be picking it up at the end of January or beginning of February so stand by for that. I will post again soon with updates on the results of our forays this week.

Until next time,

Stay Frosty