Well I know it has been quite a while since I tended to the blog, but a lot has happened in the Thompson household since last I wrote. To name just a few of the important ones, we had quite a medical scare with my wife back in Feb of 2011, thank God it all worked out and she is fine, then the Military decided they didn’t need as many ATC now that we are winding down the wars so we parted ways. Then the trip to Alaska fell through because the military took so long. So we moved home to Michigan, I am now attending Lake Superior State University.  We are still going to Alaska this summer though, we just had to back up our plans by a year.  And last but not least, we bought land and were going to build until we ran out of time and had to move to Sault Ste Marie for school. Soooo here we are, a full year since my last post and those are but a few of the major events that have changed our lives. So needless to say I have not spent a ton of time in the Backcountry this last year hence nothing to post about.

BUT, now I am back in Michigan and here in the Soo. A veritable playground for the outdoorsman/woman. I had a small trapline out this fall and have not connected with much. I attribute it to not being able to scout the ground before snowfall. But I have collected a few red fox which are prime and simply beautiful. I will be setting out a water line and I am hoping to bring in a good catch of Mink, Muskrat, Coon, Beaver, and Otter. We shall see, good Lord willing, and the river don’t rise.  I have attached the few pictures I have from this trapping season, I have a few of my trapping grounds and a couple of one of the last fox that I got.


Until next time,

Stay Frosty,