Below are a few of the organizations to which I belong, or companies that I endorse or support.  I have seperated them into catagories.

National or State Trapping Organizations

National Trappers Association:

The National Trappers Association is committed to defending and promoting the safe and ethical harvest of furbearing mammals and to the preservation and enhancement of their habitats.

 Michigan Trapper and Predator Callers Association exists to protect the rights of Michigan sportsmen harvesting surplus furbearing animals, help the public realize the need for furbearer conservation and education, and to assist the Michigan Department of Natural Resources with wildlife management.

Fur Takers of America:  FTA’s mission is to promote interest in and accumulate and disseminate knowledge concerning the trapping of fur bearing animals among persons interested therein.

National Sportsmans Organizations

 To protect the Second Amendment right to bear arms, and to promote safe, responsible, and competent use of firearms.
More To Come…


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