Yesterday I broke the story of a conversation overheard by a man in a Boise, Idaho Red Lion restaurant among individuals interested in bringing a citizen’s initiative against the Idaho elk industry. You can read that entire article here.

There have been a few comments left at the end of that article from readers and that combined with a few telephone calls, there seemed to be some concern that I might not have much if any facts or evidence to corroborate this story. I assure you I do. I just am not prepared nor deem it necessary at this point in time to discuss those.

What I am going to do today is to provide you with two photographs. One is a picture of the inside of the Red Lion restaurant. If you look closely at the picture, you will see two arrows pointing to two separate tables. The white arrow points to the table where John was sitting. John is the name of the individual who is choosing to remain anonymous at this point in time out of fear of repercussions to him and/or his family. He feels that anyone capable of considering the acts discussed during this meeting could be capable of other things and for that reason, is not willing to take that chance.

There is also a blue arrow pointing to a table behind the table John sat at. This is the table where Kent Marlor, president of the Idaho Wildlife Federation, Don Clower, former Idaho Department of Fish and Game commissioner (see note), and others sat.

Red Lion Downtowner Restaurant seating layout

Below is a receipt from John on the day he says the meeting took place. Remember, he went to Boise to attend a public meeting where the topic of “canned hunting” and the possibilities of a citizen’s initiative to stop canned hunts was to take place. That public meeting was scheduled for 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.. John arrived early so he sat in the restaurant and ordered some lunch before the meeting.

John opted not to attend that meeting after hearing what he heard at the adjacent table. You can see from his receipt, he cashed out at 12:51 p.m..

Red Lion Downtowner Restaurant lunch receipt

With a copy of the publicized announcement (pdf) of the scheduled meetings at the Red Lion in Boise and the receipt for the lunch, it clearly shows that John was there at the time he says he was. He also points out how the seating was while in the restaurant.

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*note* I made a correction to Don Clower’s former title. I had him listed as the director of Idaho Fish and Game. He is a former commissioner.

Tom Remington