There is a children’s book coming out this week written by Susan Bartlett called, “Opening Day”. According to Travis Barrett, in an article in the Kennebec Journal, the book is more than a pro hunting story.

But this is not simply a pro-hunting story disguised as a children’s book. It’s a solid look at the complicated issues surrounding consumptive sports, in general. It tackles the issue of the kill without taking sides. It is about friendship surviving a difference in value systems, about what the outdoor experience offers our youth and how we can best pass that from generation to generation.

The author says there’s nothing for kids to read about hunting and it’s a difficult subject.

“The book grew out of my feeling that there’s nothing for kids to read (about hunting),” Bartlett said. “I tried hard to make my story about friendship. I tried to make it about the appreciation of the outdoor environment and our respect for wildlife. It’s a lot for a book (for children), but I hope it comes through.”

Being the huge skeptic that I am, I’ll have to read the book first before I make any real judgments as to the content of the book.

If anyone gets the book and has read it, let’s hear about it. The book is scheduled for release this week by Tilbury House Publishers of Gardiner, Maine.

Tom Remington