It seems the Wisconsin legislators have moved beyond pointing fingers and falsely accusing the cervid industry in that state of starting and spreading chronic wasting disease. Bill Vyvyan, president of Whitetails of Wisconsin, says that his industry was falsely accused.

“The cervid industry was erroneously and prematurely and falsely accused of being the cause of CWD.”

Vyvyan also says that his industry is no longer the focus when it comes to discussion on CWD. Now that CWD has been found in the state and it has been determined that it didn’t originate on domestic elk and deer farms, both the cervid industry and legislators are working together to find ways of minimizing the impact of the disease.

Perhaps those in Wisconsin are coming to realize that with good testing and a well run industry, this industry is actually a benefit to the state and learning more about how to stop the spread of CWD.

Tom Remington