Earlier in the winter, Wisconsin officials reported that wolf populations may be as high as 600. After the completion of a wolf survey, Wisconsin DNR personnel say that estimate was a little bit too high. The final estimate puts the wolf population between 540 and 577.

Management goals called for a total of 350 wolves to be living outside Indian reservation land. That number has grown very large very fast and officials are discussing what to do about it.

According to the Wisconsin Ag Connection, the wolf survey is done in the winter before spring pups are born.

The winter count of wolves is used to gauge the status of the wolf population and set management goals. It is compiled using aerial tracking of radio collared wolves, snow track surveys by DNR and volunteer trackers, and collections of public reports on wolf observations. The DNR has conducted these counts of wolves every year since winter 1979-1980 when there were 25 wolves in the state.

Tom Remington