One might ask what in the world would I put such a post up on a predominately hunting blog? Simple really! Kids get torn apart often in divorces and nothing to me is more important than to see a kid continue to have a chance to grow even after such an event. This often included Moms and Dads taking their kids off on hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, biking and just about any other outdoor activity which far supersedes just about anything else the kid could do.

Now, Cycling4Children is working to draw attention to the fact that children have rights in a divorce too. The slogan at the top of their website says it best.

Children have a fundamental right to equal time with both fit and willing parents after a divorce.

Here’s the press release I received from Robert Pedersen, one of the ones making the 700-mile bike trek from Michigan to Washington, D.C.

Lansing, Michigan – August 7th 2007 – The 700 mile Equal Parenting Bike Trek is starting to receive national media attention. Recently Phyllis Schlafly wrote an opinion/commentary column which covered the Equal Parenting Bike Trek. Phyllis Schlafly’s articles are syndicated in over 100 newspapers nationwide and her radio talk show can be heard on over 460 radio stations nationwide! Robert Pedersen and Robb MacKenzie have already appeared on the nationwide Radio Lia Show to discuss their 700 mile bicycle trek to bring awareness to children’s rights.

Newspaper coverage has started to increase with the Lansing State Journal soon to report this inspiring human interest story. The Equal Parenting Bike Trek was recently covered by Human Events (since 1944), the Battle Creek Enquirer and made front page news in the Hastings Banner. Additionally, newspapers in Oregon and Philadelphia have already picked up this moving story.

TV News Coverage has been phenomenal to date with Fox News Channel 17, News 8 Wood TV, and Channel 3 WWMT TV News already producing incredible newscasts on this story. Even more are scheduled as the two cyclists pedal their way from Lansing, MI to Washington, D.C. (view videos via )

Robert Pedersen and Rob MacKenzie will depart on their 700 mile bicycle trek for children on August 11th, 2007 near the Lansing, MI Capitol. The purpose of this intense 700 mile bicycle trek is to bring awareness to a child’s fundamental right to be loved, guided, nurtured and educated by both fit and willing parents after a divorce. Thousands of people will greet their arrival in Washington, D.C. at a Family Preservation Rally on August 18th 2007. There will be numerous “A-list” speakers present at the August 18th 2007 Family Preservation Rally.

Carol Rhodes, the famous author of “Friend of the Court Enemy of the Family”, and several others will follow the cyclists in a media/supply van the entire 700 miles of the Equal Parenting Bike Trek.

A dedicated website will allow visitors to follow the cyclists via GPS (Global Positioning System). Visitors will also be able to view videos and photos that will be uploaded in real time.

Tom Remington